I first heard about a mid-year slump a few years ago from a distant relative. At the time, I couldn’t relate to her thoughts, but over time I have seen the realities of a mid-year slump. The midyear slump is a phenomenon many students and educators are familiar with. After the initial excitement and energy […]

In today’s classroom, students might be as likely to talk about the Elmo Visual Presenter, a computerized digital projector, as Elmo the red, fuzzy and lovable “Sesame Street” character who loves hugs. It’s the digital world they live in, and today’s children are enveloped by it in both their home and school lives. How they […]

Many children have a misconception about preparing for a Maths test or exam. You can’t study if the teacher will change the numbers of the sums covered in class, right?! Study the Formulas, Know the Rules The truth is that the actual content that needs to be committed to memory is far less than for […]

Nelson Mandela once said  “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.  Education is not only developed through the amount of words on a page or number of pages in a book; but also through one’s confidence in their ability to learn. In the fast-paced and competitive world of […]

Tutoring and Academic Coaching both aim to assist students in their academic endeavours, but have fundamental differences between them. As parents, we always strive to provide the best support and resources for our children’s academic success. When it comes to enhancing their learning experience, two prevalent approaches come to mind: tutoring and academic coaching. While […]

The Primary Goal of Primary School Jimmy sat on the edge of the playground. He looked at the other children playing on the swings while eating his lunch alone. Question 1: Where did Jimmy sit? Answer: He sat on the edge of the playground. Question 2: Why do you think Jimmy sat alone? Answer: He […]

READING … It has been said that in Grade 0 – 3 a child learns to read and from Grade 4 up, they read to learn. Learning to read is different from learning to communicate. Children are born with the inherent ability to learn to communicate, but they are not born with the inherent ability […]

If your child is struggling in class and needs help with English and maths skills, small group tutoring can help them catch up, keep up and get ahead. What is small-group tutoring? Small-group tutoring typically means a small student-to-teacher ratio, that is, a small number of students working with one teacher. It mimics the familiar […]

SOMETIMES LESS  IS MORE … Words like busy, tired, burnout, stress, overloaded and anxious are definite buzz words at the moment. These are words I am hearing about children more and more these days. When your friends and family ask how you are, is your answer “busy”? If so, then you need to read this.  There […]