The time has come for education to evolve.  Evolve is designed to take each child on a journey of personal mastery, using trend setting curriculum mapping systems developed by MIT, where they progress at their own deliberate or accelerated pace. Our mission at Evolve Online School is to provide your child with an education like […]

We are a mobile and online tutoring company that assists students Grade 1 to 12 in all academic subjects.  What ages does your online schooling cover? Grade 1 to 12 Are you taking new learners at this time? Yes How are your online classes conducted? Using our online portal through Edu Core Solutions Are lessons […]

Mindscape is an affordable, quality and independent education system with a vision of making independent learning more accessible to parents wishing to home school their children. Independent schooling is on the rise in South Africa with parents taking the education of their children into their own capable hands. Mindscape is devoted to ensuring the best possible […]