International education has existed throughout time and in those times, people have sought education elsewhere in order to better their lives, equip themselves and contribute in their societies and communities. International education provides a comprehensive approach to education that intentionally prepares students to be active and engaged participants in an interconnected world. Having an education […]

Before the pandemic, online teaching was a choice, but never an essential component of teaching and learning. Certainly, online teaching has its advantages. Among these, online teaching provides students and staff with a choice of location. While there is no substitute for face-to-face instruction, online teaching does offer the advantage of a level of flexibility […]

The pandemic-led digital transformation enabled online learning to provide a seamless school year, keeping learners on track despite the onslaught of the Covid waves. Furthermore, the digital age also created new avenues of possibilities for parents and learners choosing home education as an alternative to the old-style school curricula.  As a pioneer in private education […]

Boston Online Home Education, a registered Cambridge International Associate, is your home education partner.  We create credible online pathways for parents/guardians of home educated learners toward the attainment of school-leaving alternatives that are internationally recognised for entry into leading local and global universities.  As a pioneer in private higher education specialising in online and distance […]

As a pioneer in private higher education specialising in online and distance learning over the past 30 years, Boston City Campus is extending its educational expertise to launch Boston Online High School.      While there are many British curricula available in South Africa, only registered Cambridge Associate schools like Boston Online High ensures that […]