Whether you are a homeschooling veteran or a nervous newcomer, looking at all the content you need to cover can be overwhelming. Luckily, Impaq makes working through the CAPS curriculum easy! All you have to do is pick a grade, complete your registration, and you’ll be provided with everything you need to complete the year […]

Home is more than just a physical space. It is a sense of belonging, comfort, and security. At Optimi Home, we create an environment where Grade R to 12 learners can feel right at home.  Make yourself at home Optimi Home offers two distinct offerings: Impaq Homeschooling and the Impaq Online School. This allows learners […]

Once there was a red balloon that lived in a house with a family. Every day the red balloon got bigger and bigger without anyone noticing. One day the balloon popped with a loud bang and everyone in the house got a nasty fright.  Anger is often like the red balloon in that it builds […]

In our blog series, we will be exploring the various subjects offered by Impaq in the FET Phase (Grades 10 – 12). We spoke to education specialists Lientjie Young and Kimberley Britz to learn more about Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy as subjects. Mathematics vs Mathematical Literacy While choosing subjects in Grade 9, many learners are […]

What is a crisis? Crises are pronounced adverse life events typically accompanied by some type of loss. A crisis can include a death or accident in the family, a parent losing their job, or violent crime. Sometimes, even good things – like a new marriage or a pregnancy – can feel like a crisis because […]

Plastic is part of our everyday lives. And while it is undoubtedly convenient, it is unfortunately very detrimental to the environment, as much of it is designed to be used briefly, but it lasts forever. While some plastic can be recycled, most ends up in landfills or in the ocean, where it takes hundreds of […]

In a brand-new blog series, we will be exploring the various subjects offered by Impaq in the FET Phase (Grades 10 – 12). We spoke to education specialist Janet Zandberg and Impaq alumnus Carla Botha to learn more about Agricultural Sciences and Agricultural Management Practices as subjects. Agricultural Sciences vs Agricultural Management Practices While choosing […]

Moving home is said to be one of the most stressful life events, ranking alongside divorce, loss of employment, and long-term illness. However, moving – whether to a neighbouring suburb, a different province, or abroad – can also present wonderful new opportunities, including new jobs, new friends, and new possibilities! While the period immediately before […]

There is a lot of stigma surrounding homeschooling, with many people considering homeschooled children to be strange, anti-social outcasts. However, these wildly successful homeschooled celebrities prove that is not the case! Across all fields and industries – from acting to athletics – many celebrities have shown that homeschooling does not impede achievement but is a […]