individual needs of a student, and lack of space at good schools in a given area. The prospect of homeschooling can be exciting and opens up many options for families, but it also needs thorough preparation and understanding before this approach is taken, in particular the legal landscape. Colin Northmore, Principal of Evolve Online School, […]

Homeschooling offers numerous benefits, including personalised education, greater accessibility, safe environments, and flexible schedules. However, one concern many homeschooling parents still harbour – rightly or wrongly – is that their children might not benefit fully on the social development front. “Traditional school environments provide ample opportunities for social interaction, and it is natural for homeschooling […]

Children are increasingly suffering from low muscle tone, low memory, poor speech, poor vocabulary, poor motor planning, and lack of proprioception or spatial awareness. Mostly because many children spend hours in front of computers, IPads, or television instead of playing. Most people are unaware of is the impact playing has on a child’s development. A […]

With the ongoing growth of online schooling in South Africa, parents are increasingly considering this route as a viable option for their children. Still, they are left overwhelmed by the massive range of schools and their differences in offerings. Additionally, the quality varies dramatically from school to school, with some schools reporting excellent results and […]

She conducted research and concluded that academic achievement was essential but not sufficient for success. Here is a quick experiment you can use to determine if your pre-schooler has GRIT. The marshmallow test is famous in psychology. You give your little one a marshmallow, and you tell them that you are leaving now but will […]

Online schooling is a tool, that if used correctly, can change the game in academic achievement. However, for this to happen, a relationship and understanding of expectation between the parent and activator needs to be developed. As a teacher that worked in a brick and mortar school for five years, I can speak to the […]

During the Covid lockdowns, a generation of children experienced education in a historically unprecedented way. Now, a new black swan has floated into view with the rapid proliferation of Artificial Intelligence and chatbots such as ChatGPT across all sectors and industries, including education. “When we consider technology’s potential changes to our understanding of school, COVID […]

We can all relate to feeling nervous or anxious, child or adult. Social settings, whether in the virtual space or a physical “meet-up”, seem to be a significant cause of this! In today’s uncertainty, children are the ones that are experiencing social anxiety at its core. Moving back and forth between the virtual and physical […]

The transition from Grade Nine to Grade Ten marks an important and eventful time in a student’s educational trajectory. One of the critical aspects of this transition is characterised by the selection of subject streams – coming up for all Grade Nines in the next few weeks – that essentially determine future study and career […]

Parents need to ensure that they get a solid understanding of what is required from a high quality As more and more South African schools work towards improving their tech offering in response to the need to prepare students for the future of work, parents should ensure they get a solid understanding of what is […]