Why it’s important to nurture empathy in kids? Parents should consider teaching empathy and nurturing emotional intelligence in their children for several reasons. In its most basic form, empathy is the ability to put oneself in another’s shoes and comprehend their emotions and experiences. Empathy can also be useful in teaching children about bullying and […]

Why do you always hear Sensory play so much in Pre-school? Sensory play forms part of playing. It plays a big role in a child’s development from an early age. That is why we, as teachers, always say that children learn through play. It helps children to develop neuropathways and better comprehend classroom subject matter […]

As educators in the early learning phase, we believe that we are tasked with the responsibility to make sure our learners are reaching their milestones at the correct time. If we can assess that a young learner is struggling at an early age, we will be able to assist and work on lacking developmental issues, [...]

Who knew that being a mom or dad meant you would have to come up with delicious meals every day for the rest of your days? Dinner time can be very stressful, yet it can be super easy if you are prepared and organised. What do we know about children’s nutrition? A balanced diet consisting […]

Self-esteem stems from a sense of competence — or, to put it another way, children gain confidence due to their successes, not because of the recognition they receive from family and friends. As a preschool teacher, I saw many children gain trust and self-assurance as they learned and achieved new tasks and objectives. As parents, […]

A sensitive period is a block of time in a child’s life where they show intense interest in particular objects and experiences surrounding them in their environment. Children go through many sensitive periods for a certain time. They don’t all peak, develop or end simultaneously but can overlap each other. Sensitive periods urge the child […]

The first five years of a child’s life are crucial for learning and development since the brain is at its most flexible. The brain creates up to one million neural connections every second. First, however, our little ones need our help. Scientists refer to it as ”Serve and Return” This is to interact, converse, and […]

Today we will be covering the topic – of playdough. It has a wide array of developmental learning and sensory benefits for children.  What can playdough teach children, and what skills does it develop? Fine motor skills It helps the children`s hand development, strength, dexterity, and controls the need to manipulate everyday items such as […]

When it comes to children of any age, parenting is tough. One might think they know the answer, and then the question is changed.  Like us, children sometimes find it challenging to regulate their emotions which often leads to meltdowns and the inability to problem-solve.  Emotional self-regulation is as follows: Emotional self-regulation refers to the […]

There is much discussion and debate on whether walking rings are beneficial or dangerous to babies. Once very popular and widely used, there has been a strong debate on their usefulness in recent years. We will take a closer look into these reasons and decide whether it is worth the risk. 1. Walking rings can […]