“My journey with Dibber International has deeply intertwined with the lives of countless families, each with their unique, cherished children. As someone on the autism spectrum and a parent to a special needs son, I deeply grasp the intricacies and joys of nurturing children with diverse needs. From autism to developmental delays and learning difficulties, […]

Dibber International Preschools recognises sleep’s profound impact on a child’s holistic development. Emphasising the need for a good night’s rest, Ursula Assis, Country Director at Dibber International Preschools, discusses the vital role sleep plays in young learners’ physical, emotional, and cognitive growth. The Crucial Link Between Sleep and Early Brain Development “Sleep is not just […]

Dibber International Preschools is  a leader in early childhood education based on the Nordic model and international standards. Ursula Assis, Country Director of Dibber International Preschools, emphasises the importance of early childhood development and literacy in shaping the futures of young learners. “At Dibber, we believe that a well-rounded education begins with the basics, which […]

In a world where investing in the future is paramount, no investment is more crucial than that in early childhood development. Research¹ has shown that the first one thousand days in a child’s life could hold the key to unlocking their lifelong potential. By age five, almost 90% of a child’s brain is developed, making […]

A fresh parenting style has been capturing caregivers’ attention worldwide: Responsive Parenting. Ursula Assis, Country Director of Dibber International Preschools, sheds light on this emerging trend, explaining its significance and its profound impact on child development. Understanding the Core of Responsive Parenting Assis describes responsive parenting as a holistic approach that focuses on the child’s needs, emotions, […]

In the delicate balance of parenting, a fine line exists between nurturing and hovering too closely. Helicopter parenting, characterised by overprotection, micromanagement, and excessive involvement, while rooted in love and concern, can inadvertently hinder a child’s development. Ursula Assis, Country Director of Dibber International Preschools, sheds light on this and its long-term effects on children, […]

How do we do this? Nurturing resilience in young children is paramount for their growth and development in a country and world filled with challenges. Ursula Assis, Country Director of Dibber International Preschools, sheds light on this crucial aspect of parenting, teaching, and early childhood education and development. As Assis explains, resilience refers to a […]