Since its introduction into the market, Magformers has won the hearts of parents and children alike. More than just an educational magnetic construction toy, Magformers has grown into a brand parents trust, children love and that grows as your child does.  Just as Magformers start the play journey as 2D flat magnetic shapes and transform […]

There are many toys on the market that offers amazing educational value for children. With such a wide variety available it is often a hard decision for parents to decide into which toy lines to invest for their children. Magformers however aims to make this decision simple for parents. With fun and intuitive products, Magformers […]

 Magformers is a three-dimensional magnetic toy that develops children’s creativity and aids in their brain development.    The Magformers Magnets The neodymium magnets inside Magformers pieces allow every piece to attach to each other regardless of their north or south pole. Not only do Magformers pieces stack like normal building blocks, but they can also […]

The year, 2499. There is still good. There is still evil. Evil is winning. They came out of nowhere, an alien species wiping civilization one by one, stealing technology and making it their own, leaving nothing but chaos in their wake. We are all that stands between them and what is left of civilization.  Snap […]

It is every child’s dream to see a toy they love come to life before their very eyes. Although the Snap Ships line of construction toys already offer real world active play, Snap Ships goes even further with the Augmented Reality (AR) app available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. With the introduction […]

Welcome to the future…where humanity is under constant attack from a brutal alien threat. The Komplex spreads through the galaxy and growing stronger with each species they defeat and assimilate. To fight them, humanity relies on an elite team, the Forge, who pilots their own armada of spacecraft known as Snap Ships.  Does your child […]

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