Plump, glowing, youthful, clear, healthy and the list goes on of words we want to use to describe our skin. How many of these words can actually be used to describe the current state of your skin? We’re guessing no more than two, maybe three. The reason why you might not be able to tick […]

Winter has already started knocking at our doors which calls for a change in our skincare routines to avoid our skin falling victim to the extreme weather conditions. Your skin barrier is the most susceptile to depletion during Winter from the cold weather, hot water and dry heat, which all deplete the natural skin ceramides […]

With the amount of skincare knowledge now freely available, it is a known fact how important and essential applying a sunscreen is everyday, especially with skin cancer becoming the most common form of cancer among people.  As we know, SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor, which is the measure to determine how well sunscreen is […]

New generation skincare is smart, well-tested and researched, aimed at improving your skin concerns through using the right active ingredients. Looking like a glazed donut before bed is the new skincare ‘must-do’ with the idea of applying active ingredients on your skin at night letting them seep into your pores overnight leaving you glowing in […]