The term “sensitive skin” has become one of the most searched skincare conditions online, and over the past few years the condition has become more and more prevalent among men and women of all ages. The National Library of Medicine in the United States estimates that 60-70% of women, and 50-60% of men report having some […]

As the green, vegan and clean living movements gain momentum worldwide, consumers are becoming more aware of the ingredients found in their food, household, personal care and beauty products. While a lot is being done in the beauty industry to curb the use of harmful ingredients, and plenty of brands are reformulating their products to […]

We know that acne is becoming more and more prevalent among men and women of all ages, and that adult acne is on the rise, but unfortunately it is not just our faces that are affected by breakouts. ‘Bacne’, the term often used to describe acne on the body (and specifically the back), may be […]

After the success of the Festive Beauty Box late last year, BeautySouthAfrica is thrilled to launch yet another fantastic collection of editor-approved beauty products at a fraction of the retail price. Introducing the BeautySouthAfrica Winter Beauty Box, a curated selection of skincare, fragrance, body care and makeup that’ll elevate your beauty regime this season. From skin-loving hydrators to […]

Introducing TranquilTub™ by Refresh Body and Mind, a luxurious bath soak designed to transform your bathing experience into a haven of tranquillity. Crafted with a blend of carefully selected ingredients, TranquilTub™ combines the soothing properties of Magnesium Sulphate and the anti-inflammatory benefits of Cannabis Sativa Extract with a rich array of plant extracts and essential […]

Dry shampoo is the life-saving beauty product everyone needs in their bathroom. Overslept? Last minute invitation? Short-notice date? No matter what the occasion, dry shampoo is there to freshen your roots when you don’t have the time (or don’t feel like) washing your hair. Like all beauty products, dry shampoo has not yet converted everyone […]

Plus, Hask is expanding into more retailers, making shopping your favourite brand that much easier Anyone with an interest in hair care is bound to have come across the term “sulphate-free”. But what exactly are sulphates, and why are they bad for your hair? Sulphates are synthetic chemicals found in thousands of products, including beauty […]

The Tik Tok beauty community is known for sharing plenty of skincare tips and hacks – some incredibly useful, others a little wacky. The latest DIY skincare trend to emerge on this social media platform – and go viral – is rice water toner. Influencers are swearing by it, and the hashtag #ricewater has surpassed […]

When it comes to skincare innovations, Lamelle Research Laboratories has always been a pioneer, but our cutting-edge Helase range has revolutionised sun protection as we know it. While many things give it the edge over any other sunscreen, its ASE technology allows it to offer so much more than just protection against the full spectrum […]