Luxury car-maker and coveted lifestyle brand, Mercedes Benz, has launched Sign Eau de Parfum, a new fragrance for men. Inspired by the iconic Mercedes Benz three-pointed star logo, Sign celebrates man’s success and his ability to enjoy the fruits of his labour. A rallying symbol for the man who is proud of his achievements, Sign is […]

If you’re savvy about skincare, you’re probably using superstar active ingredients like retinol and alpha hydroxy acids. But what about growth factors? Being a relatively “new kid” on the block, not everybody knows what they are, let alone their amazing benefits. Worse yet, a lot of people still confuse them with stem cells. So, let’s […]

Spring time is the most popular time of the year to go blonde, and with good reason. Blonde hair is light, fresh and fun; the epitome of the season. But with great hair, comes great responsibility. While blondes require blonde-specific hair care products all year round, the warmer weather, sea water and harsher UV rays […]

Women empowerment plays a very significant role in our ever-changing world. Normalizing such acts envokes an internal spark in a woman and fuels her drive as she manifests her dreams, then shares her light with other women so they can all thrive together in today’s society.  This is what KISS is all about – a […]

Allowing for an effortless self-tan process, Caribbeantan has been helping people all over the world to achieve a beautiful and bronzed tan with their extensive range of self-tan products and application methods. Using only the highest quality and safest ingredients for their revolutionary self-tan formula, it’s no wonder Caribbeantan is the no. 1 self-tan brand […]

We’ve all experienced inflammation, from the ache of a sprained ankle to the sting of a bad sunburn. While it can feel unpleasant, short-term inflammation is actually a good thing as it produces inflammatory cytokines (small proteins that trigger an even greater inflammatory response) that tell your body it’s time to get busy healing.  Still, […]

Looking for the perfect gift for your mom, sister or bestie? Why not treat her to some of her favourite beauty products, or surprise her with a pamper product that’s new on the market? After a year of lockdown and loadshedding, we could all do with some me-time, and a gift of great quality skincare, […]

Bright and lively with Pure Pink Grapefruit Creightons cruelty-free Pink Grapefruit range is aimed at cleansing and purifying your skin, acting as a natural alternative for clearing away blemishes and achieving a brighter skin at the start of each day. Creightons Pink Grapefruit Daily Face Scrub (RSP R 69.95) offers active ingredients to gently exfoliate, helping to […]

When last did you treat your skin to a good peel? Many are under the impression that peels are the kind of treatment you’d only invest in once severe pigmentation or deep lines have set in. However, Lamelle has a peel for every skin type, concern and age. While they’ll all essentially exfoliate to reveal […]

It’s often said that blondes have more fun, but we’re guessing whoever coined that motto isn’t referring to one of the biggest obstacles blondes have to deal with – brassiness! Whether you’ve gone platinum, cool ashy blonde, or wanting to lighten your hair for the warmer months, the new COMPLETE COLOR CARE™ collection by Marc […]