They say summer bodies are made in winter and the same can be said about great-looking skin. After all, the chilly months are the ideal ones to invest in a course of peels with Lamelle Research Laboratories. Peel and reveal   We all know unprotected sun exposure is bad news for our skin. After all, […]

If there’s one thing Lamelle knows all about it’s how to beat dry skin. After decades of research, we’ve created some of the world’s most innovative moisturisers and no you’re not imagining it – your skin really is drier and “thirstier” in winter. As the cold kicks in, the humidity levels drop and the air […]

As South Africans we are accustomed to the harsh summer sun, and are used to applying SPF before heading down to the beach, or going for a run. But did you know that the sun’s UV rays are equally dangerous during the colder months? While you’re unlikely to experience a sunburn from UVB rays during […]

Are you battling with breakouts? Many things contribute to the formation of acne but, for the most part, we can thank our fluctuating hormones. These can cause our skin to become oily and shed in clumps as opposed to cell by cell, forming bumps and pimples. Fortunately, this type of inflammatory acne can be dramatically […]

Each start of a new year is a chance to reset our health, stay balanced and reach for new goals. It is also a busy time as we return to work, school, and our daily commitments for the months ahead. If you are reaching for clarity, calm, focus and motivation to get you tuned up […]

When it comes to breakouts and blackheads, there are a few key spot-busting ingredients you need to have in your skincare arsenal. Salicylic acid is top of the list. This game-changing ingredient is renowned among dermatologists and beauty experts for its ability to calm and heal existing blemishes, and to prevent new ones from forming. […]

Whether you’re a teenager or an adult, acne will always be a confidence crusher. Fortunately, Lamelle Research Laboratories has created Clarity, an effective acne management system, that addresses all of the four triggers that contribute to spotty skin. Something else we’ve learned from our extensive research? To get the very best results, you have to manage […]