Moisture is the key to healthy, shiny and luscious hair and with the new Sunflower Range from The Perfect Hair, it has never been easier to give your locks all the love they deserve. Made from locally sourced quality sunflower oil, blended with bases of coconut and castor oil, this new range is rich in vitamin E and […]

Winter is coming in cold, dark and gusty, and as each day passes it is becoming less and less appealing to leave bed any earlier than you have to. However, the good news is that winter looks often require less colour and complexity than their summer counterpart, with more emphasis rather being put on flawless […]

Four benefits of taking a collagen supplement to support your body through menopause There’s so much about menopause that just isn’t discussed. Deepening wrinkles, sagging skin and weight gain go hand-in-hand with hot flushes and broken sleep. Most of us know this is due to waning estrogen levels but did you know this hormone also […]

Along with the upsides of winter (snuggling under cosy layers, sitting in front of a fire place with a good book and hot chocolate in hand) come a few downsides, especially when it comes to your hair. We’re talking dryness, frizz, and lackluster tresses. Switching up your shampoo and conditioner is a good idea to […]

Winter weather has a tendency to zap all the moisture out of your locks. Hair tends to become dry and dull, causing colour to fade, making strands lackluster and hard to style.  Just like your skin, your hair is susceptible to the cold suck of winter air — even more so if it’s coloured or […]

WHITE GLO UPS THE ANTE ON ORAL HEALTH AND BEAUTY AS ONE  Australian owned brand and leading dental innovator, White Glo is taking over our daily beauty and hygiene routines once again with a new range of hotly anticipated products. No stranger to pushing the boundaries of dental health and beauty, White Glo has launched world […]

Platinum, silver, strawberry and honey blonde have been ruled the hottest hair colours of Winter 2021, as big names like Selena Gomez, Maisie Williams and Lucy Hale all ditched their trademark brunette styles for shades of blonde. While we’re used to seeing warm auburns, chocolate and chestnut browns dominate the winter months, this year is proving […]

We recently launched our CATRICE skincare range which consisted of multiple beautiful serums. However, it did not just stop there! We now have our NEW Skin Lovers skincare range. The beauty range consists of three serums, a versatile balm, and a spray. The Skin Lovers products can be used separately or in combination. We are […]

With hints of sophistication, innovation and ultimate luxury, Mercedes Benz’s new fragrances are more than just a range of exquisite and masterful scents. Introducing new His and Her perfumes, Mercedes Benz has redefined the impact of elevating your own style and once again highlighted the importance of curating every aspect of your life for ultimate […]