Skincare enthusiasts know that vitamin C is one of the most important ingredients to include in one’s skincare regime. A powerful antioxidant, vitamin C offers a multitude of benefits. From its anti-ageing properties, to its ability to help fight the formation of hyperpigmentation and breakouts, it’s an all-rounder that no skincare regime should be without. […]

How Lamelle Research Laboratories is leading the way in age correction with stem cell conditioning media in skincare Age correction and anti-ageing skincare technologies are advancing by the day, and with so many different ingredients and formulas on the market, it’s sometimes difficult to know which one will yield the best outcomes. When it comes […]

Introducing NEW RA Advance Cream Lamelle Research Laboratories is excited to unveil NEW RA Advance Cream, the first retinoid product to offer a potent dual retinoic acid precursor blend along with a liposomal delivery system for optimum penetration. A combination of two of the most active yet extremely well tolerated retinoids, RA Advance reduces the […]

Dr.PAWPAW is a favourite among beauty lovers all over the world, and with good reason. Founded in 2013 in the UK, this family-owned brand started when husband and wife team Johnny and Pauline Paterson were looking for an alternative natural solution for their young daughter’s eczema. The story began with the Dr.PAWPAW Original Lip Balm, […]

For more than a decade, the BeautySouthAfrica team has been writing about the latest beauty news, innovations and product releases. They’ve tested thousands of beauty products to separate the good from the great, helping readers to find products that really work. From anti-ageing skincare to high-performance makeup, they know a thing or two about beauty, […]

When it comes to skincare innovations, Lamelle Research Laboratories has always been a pioneer, but our cutting-edge Helase range has revolutionised sun protection as we know it. While many things give it the edge over any other sunscreen, its ASE technology allows it to offer so much more than just protection against the full spectrum […]

Be Bare Life, South Africa’s leading plastic-free and sustainable beauty brand is helping Woolworths lead the charge in eco-friendly cosmetics. Unfortunately, cosmetics is one of the largest contributors to single use plastic worldwide. Of the 400 million tons of plastic produced each year, a devastating 14 million end up polluting oceans around the world. For […]

At Lamelle Research Laboratories, treating pigmentation is something we do best and that’s because we do it differently. Unlike most beauty brands that focus on either hiding dark marks or slightly fading the superficial ones, we rely on powerful peptides to intervene with the multiple pathways that lead to pigmentation’s creation. This way, we can […]

Whether you struggle with constant blemishes, or experience flare-ups occasionally, you’ll know the frustration that acne-prone skin can cause. Breakouts can have a major effect on confidence, and with teens and young adults already having to navigate the pressures of high school, university, dating and relationships, there really isn’t a need for any additional stressors. […]