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Career tests and quizzes to help you find your calling

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Regardless of whether you’re just starting to figure out what career to pursue or if you’re looking to make a complete career change, answering the “what career suits me best?” question can feel overwhelming. The good news is that there are many career tests and quizzes that can help you narrow down your options. We don’t want you to drift along in the sea of choices, which is why Adzuna, an online job aggregator, researched the best tests to help you determine the kind of job that’ll suit you best.

While no single test can guarantee your “dream” job will be the career you pursue for the rest of your life, they can help you better understand your working style and the type of environment you’ll thrive in.

What are career tests, and how do they work?

Career aptitude tests cover a series of questions that, when answered truthfully, can help you uncover which jobs best suit your personality, needs, and goals. The kind of work environment that resonates with your personality will ultimately offer the most long- and short-term satisfaction. These tests help job seekers consider factors beyond just the obvious paycheck, commute time, and the like.

Career quizzes are practical tools that offer insights into what makes you tick. They typically cover factors including:

  • Skills
  • Strengths
  • Interests
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Values
  • Personality traits
  • Motivations

Ready to discover the best kind of job for you?  Here’s a list of perceptive quizzes that may lead you to the most rewarding career opportunities!

Countdown of the best career tests

#7 My Next Move: O*Net Interest Profiler

The O*Net Interest Profiler is one of the many free career tests and is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor. It can help you identify where your career interests lie and what the future might hold. With the “Current Job Zone” section, you can explore opportunities related to your experience. The test’s “Future Job Zone” section lets you explore the education and experience you’ll have to gain to get to where you want to be in the future.

#6 Truity: The Big Five Personality Test

Truity’s Big Five Personality Test lets you discover how well you relate to others, and it takes just 10 minutes from start to finish. The results will help you understand whether you’re open to new experiences and how much self-discipline you have. It also details your personality type (introvert or extrovert) and how well you handle stress. Although this might not exactly fall under the category of career tests, it can help you understand the importance of your work style in the office environment.

#5 Career Aptitude Test

The free Career Aptitude Test sponsored by lets you pick your favourite (and least favourite) images which ultimately sum up your Holland Code result. This “code” is based on John Holland’s theory of personality types and careers. It also details suggested occupations that match your specific personality type.

#4 Career Tests

The range of career tests offered by cover personality, career interest, skills, and career values that can all help measure your career personality. The career values test, for example, gives you an indication of what factors will make a career seem meaningful to you. The careers personality test, on the other hand, rank more than 700 professions based on how well they align with your personality.

#3 Self-Directed Search

SDS is a career assessment test that matches you with the best job opportunities based on your interests, activities, and aspirations. Results are personalised in a report that details how artistic, social, realistic, investigative, enterprising, or conventional you are. It’s also based on John Holland’s theory of personalities and focuses on his RIASEC theory. Along with a personalised summary, you’ll also be shown a list of potential careers and educational opportunities that best resonate with your results.

#2 MAPP Career Assessment

The second most prominent personality test next to MBTI is the MAPP Career Assessment. With results covering everything from your reasoning skills to the way you complete tasks, this bumper test is well worth taking. Like most tests on this list, MAPP gives you a list of job categories you’d be great in.

#1 Myers-Briggs: MBTI Instrument

MBTI is so much more than just a career test and is applicable across all areas of an individual’s life. It’s one of the most widely used assessments by hiring managers and recruitment firms alike. The results from this test detail where you get your energy from and how you like to learn new skills. It explains your decision-making patterns and the kind of structure you want in your life. Although your preferences can help you find your dream job, they’re also great for discovering your ideal workplace and your work preferences. The official test is quite pricey, but you can still take a free and pretty decent test here.

Final Thoughts

The better you understand yourself and your working style, the easier it’ll be to spot a satisfying career. Career tests help you focus on professional development and how you can keep your career moving forward. Need a little more guidance? With expert career advice and job search tips, plus industry insights and workplace trends, Adzuna is the perfect resource, here for you every step of the way!

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