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But it isn’t hurting!

  • Dr Gerald B Kaplan
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If you think about it, the comment, “I will wait until it breaks”, is completely illogical. It doesn’t make any sense.

See, not long ago I noticed low tire pressure in one of my tires, so I prayed all the way to the tyre fitment centre, hoping to arrive without incident. I made it!

After evaluating the pressure issue, the technician walked from the garage over to where I was expectantly waiting. I thought to myself, “Oh boy- here we go!”

He reported that I had a nail in my tyre, and that they would repair it at no charge. He also told me that for safety reasons, my car would benefit from new tyres in the near future. If I were like a dental patient I might have said, “I think I’ll just wait for a blowout”. See what I mean? It just doesn’t make sense. I didn’t plan on buying four new tyres that day but I did and I didn’t hold it against the technician either.

So let’s get real…

You the patient and not the prosthodontist has ownership of the problem. Why do you not take time out of your day to visit our practice? Why let your medical aid dictate appropriate treatment?  They are your teeth, not theirs! How would you like your teeth to be in 5, 10, 15 years down the line – surely sound and healthy as they could be now.

What if we as prosthodontists see something that isn’t necessarily symptomatic at the present time, but could potentially pose a problem in the foreseeable future – how soon would you want to do something about it? If we were able to help you ward off any emergency or pain or inconvenience  timeously while saving you some money, would that not  be helpful?

You are welcome to give us a call to prevent the blowout.

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