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But Baby, it’s cold outside

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As winter takes over in South Africa, temperatures have dropped and there’s a distinct chill in the air.  A cooler climate also spells the start of dry skin, cracked lips and irritated complexions, all of which affect your baby’s usually plump and moist skin. Su-Marie Annandale, brand custodian for Krayons in South Africa says that keeping your infant’s skin soft and supple during the winter months is easily achieved by adding a few extra steps to your bath time routine.


  • Use Krayons Baby Aqueous cream in the place of soap to help soothe and moisturise more effectively during winter time. Apply the cream prior to lowering your baby into the bath and splash gently to cleanse when in the water.
  • When bath time is over, pat your baby’s skin down with a soft towel being sure not to rub too hard and irritate the skin. Once the skin is dry, apply a thick layer of Krayons Baby Aqueous Lotion over your baby’s body.
  • If your baby has dry or cracked lips, apply a thin layer of Krayons Petroleum Jelly on both lips to lock in moisture.
  • Repeat the Aqueous cream (particularly on the cheeks) and Petroleum Jelly applications if you are going outside to ensure adequate protection from the harsh winter breeze.

Annandale says that keeping a baby’s skin healthy and moisturised is one of the first tasks that mothers undertake when their little one arrives. “Most baby’s suffer from a minor skin condition in the first month – cradle cap, eczema, baby acne or contact dermatitis (a reaction from a product that has come into contact with the skin),” says Annandale. “Mothers need soft and gentle skincare products to use on their little ones – especially at a time when they are dealing with the many other issues involved in a baby’s first six weeks.’

For more information on Krayons products visit KrayonsBabies on Facebook.

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