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We are almost two years into the global pandemic with its many restrictions on day-to-day life, and the digital world has played a vital role in ensuring continuity of our work and our kids’ schooling.  Our uptake of digital tools and platforms has been vastly accelerated; we’ve acquired new digital skills and knowledge; we’re far more open to possibilities and options that tech has opened up for us – and, there’s no going back.  

Mark Anderson, Principal of high-engagement online school, Koa Academy busts three of the common myths around online school:

I will have to teach my child – “When traditional schools were forced to transition to online teaching, many parents were required to pick up some form of teaching role from home. However, when an online school is designed specifically for the online space, learning has a distinct pedagogy and online teachers have particular skills to facilitate learning on the digital platform.  At Koa, it is the professional teacher’s role to guide your child through the school curriculum, freeing parents up to be parents, much as they are in the physical school environment.

My child will not get socialization – “Parents need to choose a school, online or physical, that suits their values and aims for their child’s education and school experience.  Socialization at school comes through the intentional creation and maintenance of a high-engagement environment. There are physical schools that do well at this, and others that don’t.  Same applies to online schools.  At Koa, children come together in small 8-person Pods with their teacher which makes socio-emotional development a key part of every school day.  Our kids are learning how to be responsible, sociable digital citizens as well, which is preparing them for a very real world where our activities and work are increasingly digitalized.”

The qualification is not equal– “It is true that parents need to be on the lookout for unregistered and underequipped institutions, looking simply to capitalize on opportunity. However, accredited online schools offer the same curricula and recognized qualifications as physical schools.  Like every aspect of our lives in these fast-changing times, schooling and tertiary studies are transforming and being disrupted by better ideas and improved tools.  As parents, we are challenged to keep abreast of these developments and to recognize that our child’s education and further studies will and should be different from what we experienced.  The world has, and continues to change rapidly and dramatically, and it is the role of school to prepare our children for the real world they will encounter as adults. In many ways, a well-designed online school like Koa offers a more robust preparation for the future world of work and life.”

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