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Bringing School 2.0 to Life at Koa Academy

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Koa Academy embraces a high-contact philosophy where children belong to an 8-person Pod guided by a dedicated teacher.  While timetables are individual and terms are flexible for each family, the Pod gathers together each school day providing opportunities to develop collaboration, critical thinking, emotional intelligence and communication skills.  The Academy is a provider of the South African IEB curriculum and lesson content is sourced from top educational resources worldwide.  Age-appropriate feedback and assessment is embedded in the learning experience so that children can adapt in dynamic ways on the pathway to mastery.

“There are options opening up for parents that have just never existed when it comes to educating their children,” says Koa Academy Principal, Mark Anderson.  “It’s becoming easier to truly align your family values with a school community because you are no longer limited to the institution available in your physical neighbourhood.  At Koa Academy we prioritise engagement in small group settings so that real relationships are built and maintained more easily than in larger classes where it is often challenging to connect meaningfully with peers and your teacher.  Parents are directly connected to their child’s teacher, in tune with their child’s school activities and more empowered when it comes to their child’s learning, social and emotional development and their progression through school grades.”

The pandemic disruption has made us all question priorities, values and how we can better shape our lives to be in alignment with what really matters to us.  “There’s a new openness to doing life differently, to do life better,” says Mark.  “For families, educating our children well for a productive and fulfilling future is a critical concern.  On the one hand, the new choices emerging in education are inevitable as we all know that transformation in education is long overdue.  However, the pandemic has accelerated this and that is a positive consequence.  From education providers and teachers to parents and children, there’s a welcoming when it comes to having more choices, and better choices.”

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