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New and Additional Classes for Gr R – 7

You have asked and we have listened! We have officially kicked off with additional classes for our Brainline Junior School for Gr R – 7 on Monday, 3 August 2020.

Head of Brainline Junior School, Gerda Remmert, says the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has created added stress and anxiety amongst learners and the need for online classes has intensified. Online classes are now available for all junior grade subjects.

‘The classes will be used to discuss and dissect areas that learners usually struggle with and parents are more than welcome to attend the classes so as to ensure that their child are participating adequately. The classes are interactive and learners are therefore able to ask questions,’ she says.

Remmert says the classes are recorded and will be made available for learners who are not able to attend classes on a specific day or timeslot. The recordings can also be used for revision. 

Remmer says during the Grade R-1 and Grade 2-3 classes, learners have the opportunity to share news and tell friends about experiences. They also have the opportunity to practice reading and develop mathematic skills while discussing the topics according to the curriculum.

She says other forms of support are also made available to learners and parents.

“We support our parents via regular webinars with qualified clinical psychologist and general question and answer sessions to assist parents with planning their child’s schedules. Furthermore, we have started a weekly Afrikaans Elementary and Afrikaans Advanced class to assist learners who are struggling with Afrikaans.’

It should be noted that learners in Grade R to 7 achieve the best academic results with parent/ guardian intervention and continued support (as a computer screen can never replace the warm hands and heart of a human being who loves and cares for them).

Some of the responsibilities parents may consider include:

  • Ensuring that your child attends the live or recorded classes; 
  • Ensuring that your child completes his or her tasks, tests and exams on time; 
  • Reviewing feedback given by teachers on the assessment items completed; 
  • Ensuring an optimal learning environment; 
  • Identifying best learning methods to ensure that they reach their full academic potential; 
  • Identifying barriers to learning and seeking professional advice; 
  • Making use of all Brainline resources and support made available.

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