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Boosting the immune system during the pandemic

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The outbreak of the global coronavirus pandemic earlier this year had caused much anxiety and uncertainty for many. It has been a roller-coaster of emotions for parents since lockdown started and the decision to implement home-schooling either by distant-learning or privately was something no parent was prepared for. The pandemic shifted the roles and responsibilities of parents alike, adding “home-school teacher” to the already long list of roles. 

Public schools in South Africa are set to close from 27 July to late August with the exceptions of grades 12s and 7s. Grade 12s will only take a week’s break and return on 3rd August 2020. Grade 7s will get a two-week break returning on 10th August 2020.President Cyril Ramaphosa, said that the decision to close schools was not taken lightly by the government. 

The decision to reopen schools has been met with mixed reviews as parent’s stress over the wellbeing and safety of their children and family. Boosting the immunity during the pandemic has been a high priority according to pharmacies. Parents have been taking extra precautionary measures to ensure that their little ones stay healthy and well. 

We asked registered Pharmacist, Ashleigh Bruce for advice on what parents can do to boost their kids immune system during this pandemic, “The whole family should be taking Vitamin C and Zinc supplements daily”, says Ms Bruce. Not forgetting the basic and simple action of washing the hands often and sanitizing. 

The Delite Foods jelly range is packed with Vitamin C! An oblivious way to ensure kids get the Vitamin C they need without them realising it. 

She has also advised on trying DIYs, meditation and yoga as a form of self-care distraction to manage your stress and emotions during this difficult time. 

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