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Bennetts – The story behind the brand

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Babies are a spark of heaven that we are entrusted to kindle, protect, love and nurture. But any parent who has had a colicky baby will know how quickly parents can feel that they have failed themselves and their baby. 

Which is exactly what inspired our father, Basil Bennett, an exceptional South African chemist, to formulate his baby colic mixture, more than after half a century ago. So effective was the Bennetts Colic Mixture that word about it soon spread like wildfire. 

Our father often opened up his pharmacy to assist parents in distress in the middle of the night.As boys, we spent most of our weekends helping him compound the mixture in our home-based lab, to meet the demand.

In the process, we grew up learning a valuable lesson from our caring dad – that our fingerprints don’t fade, from the lives we touch. So we set out to establish a business in the Bennetts name, which is built on those same values we learnt from our father.

Today, almost 30 years later, all our products have been developed with the utmost care, infused with that same passion and attention to detail, as our father’s very first colic mixture.

As we grew into parenthood, our own fears and anxieties compelled us to learn more about the baby industry and the need for problem solving products. Whether it was Bennetts Bum Crème, aqueous cream, nose drops, wet wipes or easy changing solutions, Bennetts became a household name. As we expanded our product range, we began to expand our brand locally and internationally.

Despite our growth into a large, established company whose products now compete with big international brands, we are still a family owned business. We have retained some of the original staff members of Bennetts Chemist and their families, creating an atmosphere of an inclusive community. 

We believe that this personal touch enhances the quality of our products and invites our customers to share in our community of parenting. 

The Bennett Brothers

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