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Bargain hunting: Knowing beforehand what is on special saves money & time.

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June is a month that is packed full of celebrations. It’s a month that features Youth Day and Father’s Day. This year we’re adding Eid-Ul-Fitr to the mix! That’s a lot of shopping to be done, and a lot of money to be spending.  But, it’s vital that your kids get to join in on the celebrations as this builds character for the future. This means that you must find ways to stretch your Rand so that you could get all your items ticked off appearing on your list, in a convenient and almost stress-free manner.

The best way to hunt for savings is shopping around.

Remember when the best way to find sale items was visiting each supermarket scrounging their shelves? This however, meant that you ended up spending more money on petrol. Today, searching the internet for specials is easier than taking an actual trip to the supermarket. This too has its downfalls. Finding accurate information in one place requires some time searching; which could mean a few hours of your time too.

Knowing what specials, you’ll be purchasing means that there is no need to cart your kids for longer than needed. You’re able to conduct your shopping as soon as the supermarket opens as this is the time that they are the least busy. It’s ideal as you purchase your items in comfort without having to weave amongst the rest of the shoppers. This also means that your kids are calmer and easier to deal with because less time in the shop means less boredom.  Take a few toys, favorite clothing and extra snacks with so that they are fairly entertained on your shopping trip.

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How to take advantage of specials and really save money.

Before hopping in your car, look at Shoprite specialsto find superb prices on food, toiletries, baby goods, food for your fur babies, and appliances too. Shoprite is well known for their usually low prices. However, they often reduce their prices which makes them extra special in our book. Make a list of what you really want; this way you won’t be easily swayed in to making unnecessary purchases in the shop.

Once you’ve created your shopping list; the next step is to shop around.

Checking out PicknPay specials onlinehelps in your decision making. Choosing your favorite grocery items, clothing, and most household goods makes it easier to do beforehand. Knowing what they have to offer allows you to decide if it’s worth it to go to the next shop as you would already know what is on offer. This dramatically reduces the chances of you overspending in the shop and saving on fuel. In addition, you’re able to compare the prices between the two supermarkets (and others), without having to be at an actual shop.

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