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Oops is a lovely company all about children’s happiness! They create products with the child in mind and this is a company we can certainly get behind. 

From the easy-backpack to the stunning lunchboxes, your toddler will be the talk of the town. 

This backpack is small and is great for giving your children their first bag. It will be extremely riveting for them as their first backpacks have 3D animal friends to accompany them every step of their day. These characters have their own special names, where you can find on their website. This product is a product of Oops. 

This backpack is super cute and has lovely designs such as ladybugs, dragonflies, owls, bears, and many other cute animals. The straps are adjustable and this lovely helper is strictly fitted for small children. The backpack isn’t suited for big amounts of packing. It is strong enough for little and not heavy-weighted items. This bag is suitable for going to pre-school and looking the coolest, holding your toys and even a lunch bag.
The lunch bag is fully lined so you can easy wipe out spills and messes with no problem at all. 

They are easy to wash, super cute and should be on every shopping list. 
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