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Back to basics with DAIRY!

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Balance and variety are key to a healthy diet. In recent years, the types of food choices available have steadily increased. As a result, consumers may be confused as to which foods are the best. 

Getting back to basics may just be the answer to help consumers to make informed choices.

A key message to ensure that your family sticks to the basics of healthy eating is to eat a variety of fresh whole foods daily. Maretha Vermaak, registered dietitian at Rediscover Dairy says: “Whole foods are foods that are unprocessed and unrefined, or processed and refined as little as possible. Examples of whole foods are whole grains, tubers, legumes, fruits, vegetables, and milk.”

Milk as a whole food is convenient and versatile

Milk has long been a staple food in a healthy diet, and with good reason. Milk is delicious and an important source of many important nutrients, conveniently packed into one product. Use milk as a refreshing drink as is, make a milky coffee (hot or cold),  enjoy it in smoothies, pour it over breakfast cereal or use it in a wide range of cooked and baked dishes.

Get the power of milk on your side

The South African Department of Health’s food-based dietary guidelines recommend two to three servings of milk, amasi or yoghurt every day. Examples of one serving of dairy are: 250 ml of milk, 200 ml of amasi/yoghurt and 40 g of hard cheese. The wide range of fat-free, low-fat and full-cream milk options remain an important source of nutritional goodness, providing plenty of variety and choice.

How the nutrients in dairy work for you:

Milk is an excellent source of calcium, good quality protein, and vitamin B12. The nutrients in dairy act as a team and it is this team work that is responsible for its many health benefits.  

Good quality protein

  • Provides all the essential amino acids (building blocks) you need
  • Assists in bone health and muscle maintenance


Essential for bone and dental health

Vitamin B12

  • Good for brain health and sharpness
  • Supports a healthy immune system and energy metabolism

Vitamin A

  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Promotes good eyesight, especially in low light


  • Assists in heart health
  • Helps keep blood pressure in check


  • Important for growth, maintenance, and repair of body cells and tissue

Vitamin B2 and magnesium

  • Help in the production of energy


  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Promotes skin health 
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