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Baby Feeding Myths Debunked

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There are a few baby feeding myths in circulation, which will definitely be forced on you as a new parent. However, this is where we step in to help you separate the fact from the fiction. Take a look below to see our top baby feeding myths and how we have debunked them for you!

#1 Baby Feeding Myth: Fruit Juice Is A Healthy Hydration For Your Baby

This is a common mistake made by parents. Fruit juice – especially highly processed kinds – contain massive amounts of sugar. This can lead to unnecessary tooth decay in your baby. Babies younger than a year should not be given fruit juice at all and children should be limited to their intake. 

#2 Baby Feeding Myth: They Don’t Know When They’re Full

Many parents tend to over feed their children in fear of them not having enough to eat. However, this is a dangerous practice. Force feeding your baby is never a good idea as this will cause them to develop unhealthy relations with food later on. if your child turns away from their meal and are hesitant to eat trust them that they are full.

#3 Baby Feeding Myth: Honey Is A Healthy Sweet Treat

No, no and no. giving honey to a baby under 12 month old can lead them to develop an illness called botulism. Rather avoid this sweet treat until they are much older. 

#4 Baby Feeding Myth: Avoid Allergenic Foods Whilst Breastfeeding

This is also is a common mistake amidst breastfeeding moms. Did you know that you are encouraged to eat high allergen foods whilst breastfeeding? This actually helps your child develop anti-bodies against allergies, making them stronger to them at a later stage. This was proved as per the following study; Pitt et al. Reduced risk of peanut sensitization following exposure through breast-feeding and early peanut introduction. J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2018;141(2):620-625.e1.

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