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Baby bath-time, when you’re a little inexperienced, can be quite intimidating! Once you have established a routine that works for you and your baby, and of course with practise, you will find it much easier. Most important advice is to make baby bath-time the ideal opportunity to connect with your baby in a calm and relaxed way.

How often should my baby bath?

In the first few weeks of baby’s life, bath-time doesn’t have to be a daily occurrence.  Bathing baby two or three times a week is more than sufficient to keep baby clean, especially in the very early days and weeks.  Don’t forget though that you’ll still need to top-and-tail on the days that you don’t bath baby, to keep her skin clean and free from rashes.

Create a good routine

Getting baby into a good bath-time habit is a beautiful way to end the day and not only help baby relax, but you too. It’s the perfect opportunity to create a bedtime routine and such a nice way to have some calming one-on-one time with baby.

However, handling a wet and slippery baby takes patience, practice and confidence and to assist in getting your baby used to bath-time so that they will also enjoy it, BabyLegends Bath Lilo is the perfect choice.  BabyLegends Bath Lilo is particularly useful in the first few months where your baby cannot sit up – it allows baby to relax and enjoy bath-time.

Pick the right time

Most babies find warm water soothing and a bath may help a fussy baby to relax and calm down.  Try choosing a time of day where you won’t have any interruptions or where you will have someone with you to answer the phone or a knock at the door.  It’s always best if baby is fully awake and content before bath-time.  Try to select a time where baby will be in between feeds too so that he’s neither hungry nor full.  Bathing baby whilst you’re both in a good mood is key.

Be prepared

Make sure that you have everything that you need on hand and this includes your BabyLegends Bath Lilo and a warm soft fluffy towel. Because babies lose heat from their bodies really quickly, keeping baby warm and snugly is important.  Your bathroom temperature should be set to around 24 – 27° C.

Baby bath tub

With the BabyLegends Bath Lilo, all you need is a normal bathtub, because it floats and keeps baby’s head out of the water.  The BabyLegends Bath Lilo has been designed to fit into the kitchen or bathroom sink as well.

How to dry

When drying, wrap baby in a soft and preferably warm towel.  Pat gently and give lots of cuddles.  It’s important to get to all the little creases to prevent discomfort through leaving wet patches that will chafe and make baby sore.  This is also a perfect opportunity for you check baby for rashes or dry skin.

Remember that the decisions you make with regard to baby bath-time must be what suits you and your baby.  There are no hard and fast rules.  Spending time with your baby in a way that creates quality time for both of you is the most important thing that you can do.  So follow your instinct and you won’t go wrong.

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