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Are you Serious about your child’s future?

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Then you need to get Serious about Math!

With an automated future ahead of us, the workplace will require a different way of thinking with an emphasis on problem solving, through mathematics as a vehicle, we can cultivate this skill in children from an early age.

This is why SAM is an important aid to give your child an advancement. Our multi-award-winning math program from Singapore helps children not only to excel in the subject, but also cultivates a love for it. 

S.A.M is based on Singapore Math – the global top-ranking curriculum according to international surveys TIMSS (Math Conceptual Mastery Test) and PISA (Problem Solving of Real-Life Problems). S.A.M offers a two-pillared approach of a small Classroom Engagement and Worksheet Reinforcement, and an individual learning plan tailored to each child’s ability. 

 SAM is unique in its Concrete – Pictorial – Abstract approach, with a main focus on conceptual understanding before procedural working.  Through SAM’s coaching methodology and our unique worksheets, students can master topics and move on to enrichment. 

The international content of SAM is aligned with the SA curriculum, with the added bonus of Problems Solving Skills.  A great foundation for any international secondary curriculum!

Learners as young as 4 can benefit from SAM, with the program scaffolding to the end of Grade 7.

Book your child’s free assessment today!! 

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