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Which breast pump is the best for me?

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Deciding on which breast pump to buy can be difficult as there are so many breasts pump to choose from. How do you separate the quality breast pumps from the cheap and ineffective ones? There are different types of breast pumps from manual to electric, single to double, open and closed, general, fitted and hospital grade. By knowing what you need from your pump, you will be able to find the pump that is the best fit for you. 

It should fit you well and be comfortable. It should be able to empty your breast quickly and effectively. Have good service and spare parts available. A good warranty against motor issues.

How do you know if a pump can do all of this? 

These are the questions to ask.

How many different flange (the part that goes over your nipple) sizes are compatible with the pump?

All pumps come with a standard flange size. However, if you want to be confidant that you will be able to get a flange size that fits you, lookout for brands that offer a variety of flange sizes, like with the Ameda breast pump range. The Ameda Flange size range is 21mm, 22,5mm, 25mm(standard) 28,5mm, 30,5mm, 32,5mm and 36mm. This gives you a large range to find your perfect fit. My Breast pump we are able to supply from 17mm when using our hands free cups. 

How do you know that the pump will be comfortable?

After making sure that you have the correct flange fit you need to be able to find the correct setting/ suction on the pump. Check if the pump has a variety of setting. Does it have 2 phase pumping? This means that there are specific settings for stimulation (helps you to release your milk-let down) and expression (when you empty your breasts). You need to be able to find your best setting for the pump to effectively empty your breasts. The Ameda Mya Joy has 2 phase pumping with 6 levels for stimulation and 12 levels for expression. 

What research was done to create the pump?

Ameda is the oldest breast pump company and has always work to create comfortable, effective and safe pumps for both mom and baby. Breast pumps are designed to empty the breast by mimicking both the suction pressure and frequency of a baby’s suckling. Ameda has done extensive research on which are the best setting and which combination of suction and vacuum work best together. Research has shown that during the expression phase a pump should be able to cycle between 40-60 times in a minute. This will be most effective at removing milk, keeping your prolactin levels high and your milk production up. Any breast pump that has a suction level of 150mmhg (general pumps found in pharmacies) will be ineffective at emptying your breast and could result in decrease milk production if used for exclusive pumping. Also, if a pump has suction that is too high (250mmhg) can cause nipple pain. 

The Mya Joy is a hospital grade breast pump that has specific suction and vacuum levels that has been research for the best expression result. The cycles per minute are also specific for comfort and emptying the breast. The Ameda Mya Joy has the following specs:

  • Suction Levels Stimulation: Approx. -40~-170mmHg
  • Suction Levels Expression: Approx. -50~-250mmHg
  • Vacuum Levels Stimulation: 6 Levels
  • Expression: 12 Levels
  • Cycles Per Minute Stimulation: 80~120 C.P.M. Expression: 20~65 C.P.M

You can see that the Mya Joy falls well with in the ideal ranges and allows you to individualise the pumping session so that you will be most comfortable. 

Is this pump portable? 

With more moms working and needing to pump at work having a portable breast pump is important. The Ameda Mya Joy is a portable breast pump that can clip onto your belt or fit into your pocket and is ultra-quite which allows you to pump anywhere anytime that you need to. My breast pump now has hands free kits that fit the Mya Joy and allow you to place your flange into your bra for even more privacy. 

Is the pump an open or closed system breast pump?

Closed system breast pumps are the safest to use. This means that your breast milk is kept separate from your pumps tubing and motor. The reason that this is important is that if milk or moisture gets into your tubing or motor it is very difficult to clean. Thus, mould and bacteria can thrive and then they can contaminate your breast milk.  With a closed system this will never happen as a closed system pump keep the motor separate form the milk collection and there can be no cross contamination. This is a special feature of the Ameda Mya Joy and the reason for its flange shape. 

Is the Pump a Double or Single?

The reason for having a double pump is to save you time and it may also help you increase your breast milk supply. If you need to pump 20 minutes for breast with a single pump that will be 40-minute session each time you pump. If you needed to pump 3 times a day, then that would be 120 minutes where as with a double pump you would only need to pump 60 minutes for those 3 sessions. This is a massive time saver for mother that need to pump often or have returned to work. 

How much do I need to invest with this breast pump?

The cost of the breast pump needs to fit into your budget, however it may be worth saving up a bit to get a pump that is going to be comfortable and effective rather than buying an ineffective breast pump. However, there are hospital grade pumps on the market that are more affordable than others like the Ameda Mya Joy breast pump. It has a nappi code so you are able to claim back from some medical aids depending on your saving and plan. 

Does the pump have a Warranty or a local distributor for spare parts and support?

Breast pumps need to have their valve and diaphragms replaced regularly, you may need to get additional bottles or flanges for your pump and it is so important that you have someone you can talk to and help you get the correct flange fit. Check what the warranty of the pump is. The Ameda Mya Joy has a 2-year warranty on the motor of the breast pump and My Breastpump is really easy to get hold of. 

When you are looking for the best breast pump to fit you, use the information above to cut though the less effective breast pumps so that you don’t waste your money and time with a ill-fitting breast pump. You are welcome to contact us on if you have any questions about breast pumps and finding your best fit. 

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