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The Ultimate Solution for breast care and milk collection

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Breastfeeding is special for mothers and babies and should be as comfortable as possible. Medela’s breast care range provides additional support when needed and addresses specific issues during breastfeeding. It includes products that help overcome certain challenges during breastfeeding, such as breast milk leakage or sore and cracked nipples.

Medela Breast Shells (From R 389.99)

Medela breast protection shells offer unique wearing comfort. The discreet shape and the flexible silicone membrane, delicate with the skin, make them pleasant and invisible under clothes. If you have sore or cracked nipples, Medela breast shells protect them and allow skin to recover by preventing your clothes from rubbing on them.

Medela Nipple Shields (From R 339.99)

Medela’s Contact™ nipple shields make breastfeeding possible when latching on is difficult or painful by protecting sore nipples and helping your baby attach more easily.

Product benefits:

  • Enable breastfeeding when latching on is difficult or painful or if you have flat or inverted nipples.
  • Protect sensitive, dry, or cracked nipples during breastfeeding.
  • Made from transparent, ultra-thin, soft silicone that’s comfortable on sensitive skin.
  • Safe and taste-free for your baby.
  • Shape maximises skin contact between you and your baby.
  • BPA free.

Medela Disposable Nursing Pad – 60’s (From R 199.95)

Medela Disposable Nursing Pads are super absorbent and offer longer protection. The nursing pads are made of super absorbent material that prevents milk leakage and maintains dryness – day or night. 

Medela Purelan™ – Lanolin Cream 7G/37G (From R 139.99)

In the first few days and weeks of frequent breastfeeding, many women experience nipple soreness and dry skin. Purelan™ lanolin cream gives fast relief for sore nipples and dry skin. 


  • Safe for your baby – no need to remove before breastfeeding
  • Effective–rich texture creates a protective layer on the skin’s surface and rehydrates from within
  • 100% natural, single-ingredient lanolin. No additives, preservatives and fragrances added


Medela also offers mothers a range of accessories that make breastfeeding, pumping, collecting, handling, and storing breast milk easier and more convenient. Medela accessories help preserve the valuable nutrients of breast milk during transport. 

Medela Quick Clean Microwave Bags (From R 399.99)

Medela Quick Clean Microwave Bags 5 Pack is a handy way to sanitize your pumping equipment and breastfeeding accessories quickly and safely. These bags are small and easy to store, and each bag can be used 20 times.


Medela City Style Breast Pump Bag And Cooler Bag (From R 2099.99)

Medela City Style Bag is a modern bag essential for carrying all your breastfeeding accessories. In this way, you can carry anything from a thermal bag to your favourite breast pump. Whether for travel or a day-to-day necessity, you will always be accompanied by your favourite accessories. What’s more, this stylish bag can be used while breastfeeding and even after you stop.

Medela Cooler Bag consists of a discreet removable cooler bag specially designed to carry four 150ml Medela baby bottles. Its coating provides a refreshing effect so that breast milk can always be in its best condition. Thus, all nutrients and vitamins are preserved for a long time.

Milk Collection

Breast milk is precious – collecting and storing breast milk for your baby is essential for their health. That is why Medela only offers BPA-free bottles and containers. To make it more comfortable for you and to help ensure your pumping session is a success.

Medela Milk Bottles set of 2-250ml/3-150ml (From R 339.99)

Medela breast milk bottles are a perfect complement to your breastfeeding experience. Medela’s breast milk bottles are compatible with all our breast pumps, making it easy to pump, store and feed using the same container. This means not a single drop of your precious breast milk is wasted and you have less washing up to do.

Medela Breast Milk Storage Bags 25 (From R239,99) / 50 bags (From R 359.99)

Medela’s Breast Milk Storage Bags make storing, transporting, and warming breast milk convenient and hygienic. The easy-to-use flat shape is space-saving and makes thawing quick. The double zipper and durable material make the storage of your breast milk safe for your baby.

Medela Silicone Breast Milk Collector (From R 339.99)

The NEW Medela Silicone Breast Milk Collector is a true breastfeeding companion and breast milk saver. With its double leakproof design, lanyard, and suction base, Medela’s Silicone Breast Milk Collector protects each precious drop of milk from being lost, to ensure your baby receives it all.

Easy to use, simply attach the breast milk collector, also known among other brands as a silicone breast pump, on one breast while feeding from the other to capture your natural let-down.

Medela Family App

The Medela Family app is your personal helper. With the app, you can easily track important stats for pregnancy, baby, and breastfeeding and it gives you tips and support to help you meet your goals.

Features of the Medela Family App:

  • Knowledge Centre – A library of expert-written educational articles to help you prepare and learn along your journey.
  • Personal helper – Our smart assistant helps you troubleshoot technical problems and get answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Easy to use – The Medela Family app was designed from scratch with high usability standards including a night mode for easier reading in dim lighting.
  • Virtual milk storage – With this smart milk inventory system you will always know how much milk you have in your stash.
  • Hands-free voice control – Use your voice to track a session! Especially handy when changing a dirty diaper.
  • Baby tracking – The following sessions can be tracked for one or more babies: breastfeeding, pumping, sleep, bottle feeding, diaper changes, weight, and length.
  • Pregnancy tracking – With Medela Family you can track the duration, frequency, and pain intensity of contractions.

The Medela Family is available on the App Store, Google Play, and AppGallery.

All Medela products are available from Dis-Chem, Baby City, Clicks, and other major retailers. 

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