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Review: Medela Disposable Nursing Pads

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During (and after) pregnancy, a mom can experience something know as a leaking breast. This is when your breast oozes some of either your colostrum (during pregnancy) or breast milk out. This can occur at any given time, with no indication of it beginning. You will just feel your breast producing milk. If this is happening to you, then we have the perfect product for your shopping cart; the Medela disposable nursing pads range.

A Bit About The Medela Disposable Nursing Pads 

This incredible range of breast care products come to you in packs of either thirty, or sixty. All pads are individually wrapped, should you only need to use one at a time, and have two adhesive strips on the back (unlike common one strip pads found amongst other nursing pad brands). 

The dual adhesive strip allows the breast pad to stay in place all day and night, allowing you to move freely without concern. Another great plus to this product is the fact that it is discreet. The breast pad’s design will be perfectly concealed against your bra, leaving you with confidence, and those around you none the wiser.

The Design Behind The Product

The Medela disposable nursing pads are designed with one client in mind; breastfeeding moms. As such, everything about them from their shape to their absorbency ability has been fine tuned to suit the every day woman. 

What’s Inside?

The core of the pad is made from something known as ultra-absorbent polymer. This allows for the breastmilk to be distributed evenly when expressed. It also locks the moisture into the pad to prevent leakage. This makes the pads incredibly absorbent, making them ideal from light milk spotting to heavy breast milk leaks.

What’s On Top?

If you have sensitive skin, you have nothing to worry about with this product. The Medela disposable pads make use of a soft, natural fibre lining. Not only is this safe for sensitive breast skin, but it also wicks away any moisture. This ensures that nothing will seep out of the pad for any reason. 

What’s On The Outside?

The outer layer of the breast pad is as incredible as the highly absorbent inner. As previously mentioned, the pads are discreet, concealing themselves easily within your bra. This can be attributed to their contour design. The pads were designed to snugly fit your breasts perfectly. Their curve mimics the curve of your body.

Another wonderful thing about the breast pad is that it is both breathable, as well as water proof. The breathable design allows your skin beneath the pad access to oxygen. Whereas the waterproof functionality of the pad ensures that the outer layers of your clothing will be protected from any leakage. 

When You Would Need The Medela Disposable Nursing Pads

Breast leakage is particularly common within the first few weeks post child birth. This is when your body will begin to produce milk. There are also a few key times which you may experience leaking:

  • Often in the mornings, or when your breasts are feeling particularly full
  • When oxytocin is released within your brain; an emotive response to hearing your baby cry or even thinking about your child
  • When you feed from one breast, the other may leak
  • When you’re in a warm room, shower, or bath; warmth encourages ilk to flow easily

If you are experiencing breast leakage at abnormal times (even though it may be irritating) view it as a blessing in disguise. This is your body’s way of telling you that it is successfully producing enough, in fact too much milk to sustain your infant.


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