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Pregnancy, your body and your baby – week 23 of your pregnancy

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Your growing baby is making her presence known, and you may regularly feel little kicks inside you when she is awake. Your body is also starting to take some strain, and you may have uncomfortable feet and back to name a few. While you are excited to meet your little one, you may notice this excitement in strangers who might attempt to touch your baby bump, and this added attention is not necessarily something you’re happy with.

Your body at week 23

At week 23 you may be experiencing a variety of bodily aches and pains as your body takes on the strain of growing and carrying a small human. Leg cramps, swollen feet, bleeding gums and a tired, sore back are unfortunately all normal during pregnancy.

During this time you may also feel stressed out and overwhelmed. Although pregnancy is a beautiful and exciting time, it can also be very stressful for moms to be. You may be under financial strain, and you may feel pressure at work to finish up pieces of work before going on maternity leave. All of this is normal, and if you feel like you’re not coping well it’s important to speak to a health professional who can help you through this tough time.

Your baby at week 23

Your baby is now the size of a squash and in their 23 week, your baby is now able to survive outside your body if they are born prematurely (although they aren’t’ ready to be born yet and have lots of growing to do!). Their lungs are developing and their face is fully formed, it just needs to do some filling out first.

Your baby is also gaining weight each week (they should double in weight in the next 4 weeks), so by the time your baby is born, she’ll be the plump, chubby little one you’re expecting. Their middle ear bone is also hardening, and they are able to hear you talking to them.

Things you should remember at week 23

During your second trimester as your baby bump grows you may experience both wanted and unwanted attention to your baby bump, as well as advice from everyone – from strangers to your mother. Dealing with this added attention can be overwhelming at first, but be sure to state your boundaries clearly if strangers attempt to touch your bump. While some moms-to-be may not mind extra attention, others may not like the invasion of their space when strangers want to touch their growing baby belly.

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