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Pregnancy, your body and your baby – week 22 of your pregnancy

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Your second trimester has you feeling more yourself, and feeling your growing baby moving inside your tummy is bound to bring a smile to your face. Your body may be feeling some strain as your baby grows in weight and size, and you’ll need to remember to eat healthy in order to ensure that you little one receives all the needed nutrients from you.

Changes to your body at week 22 

Your body may be feeling slightly uncomfortable all round thanks to the changes that pregnancy has had on your body. You may notice your back, pelvis and hips aching, leg and foot cramps, as well as swollen feet. This can be alongside heartburn, constipation (and possible haemorrhoids) as well as stretch marks.

Your baby’s growth at week 22

Your baby is now approximately the size of a coconut and is sleeping in cycles – the time that you don’t feel them moving around will be when they are asleep. At this time your little ones taste buds are developing, and what they find tasty later in life may be influenced by what you’re eating. So try to keep it healthy and to stick to fruit and wholesome veggies.

Their eyes are almost fully developed but lack colour in the iris. Your little one is also becoming more sensitive to outside stimuli, so you may notice that they react to loud noises.

Things to remember at week 22

During your pregnancy, eating healthily is something that is important to keep in mind. Afterall, what you eat is nourishment for your baby. During your second trimester try and eat foods that are rich in protein, calcium and iron. These will help your baby’s growth – protein helps in tissue development, calcium helps in the formation of bones and teeth, and iron helps carry oxygen to your developing baby.

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