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My baby crocodile rolls during nappy change time

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There comes a time when some babies, usually around the eight to ten month mark, start to roll and do flick flacks at the one time we really need them to just lie still. Nappy changes. 

This can make things quite challenging however know this – this stage does pass and there are some things you can do to keep baby entertained while you get the nappy on. It does not need to be struggle if you have some things up your clever sleeve. Keep reading…

I had two babies and used our Pokkelokkie cloth nappies through both of them. I loved our nappies. It wasn’t hard work or difficult. I felt proud of every single nappy I used as I knew it wasn’t going into a bin into the earth. Using disposables stank, my babies got a rash and golly they are just so expensive. Money in the bin. The more you use your cloth nappies the smoother the process becomes. You eventually become so streamlined and well-practiced you can put nappies on with eyes closed. It really is just this!

When we reached the croc stage I was desperate to find a solution. I realized my baby was bored and he became very smart and knew exactly when I wanted to change a nappy. It became almost impossible to pin him down. I felt helpless. Until I started to present small “challenges” to him during this time. 

I kept a small basket hidden at the change area. Inside I added objects he would never normally encounter. Not the normal plastic toys… rattles etc. None of that stuff. The object ideally needs to have some sort of intellectual challenge the baby can master. I must add here that all objects of this nature can be found in and around your house. No need to go out and buy anything. Keep reading to see a list of these.

So our nappy changing process went a bit like this.

Sit baby on change mat. Present object. Baby shows interest and holds object. I lay him down while he is observing the object. I take his dirty nappy off and wipe him clean all the while talking to him about the object. I then show him what can be done with the object and see if he can do it himself. I modeled the task to him. We take turns.For example opening and closing a toothpaste lid (empty of course)/ baby bum cream lid is a good example of this small task.

The most important part is showing them repeatedly how to do the task before attempting the nappy change. You may need to do this a few times and then change the nappy at the same time. Multitasking is really what this is all about but you’re a mum so you’re born with it!! You may need to show him the task, take the nappy off, show him again, wipe him down. Clap hands when he managed it. Put new nappy on. Show him how you can do it- you also have a turn- he claps hands for you etc. It’s a whole process of fun that you can both enjoy together. I must say the more you try to hurry a child the worse it will get. Children cannot be hurried- they do not have a concept of time. 

Tip: Do not resort to videos or a phone. This tactic does not end well in the long run. Trying then to stop the screen will be a meltdown and anything after that kind of visual stimulation will just be boring. You are not doing yourself any favors. What you want is a nappy change to end well with a smiling baby and happy mom. A screen does not result in this. It will end in tears. Guaranteed.

Once babies reach nine/ ten months old they are generally capable of small tasks. Challenge them and they will rise to the occasion. 

Here are some things that worked for us. There are really many, many more objects just look around you. Please note the items must be a decent size to prevent any sort of choking. Keep an eye on your baby as babies put everything in their mouth. 

  • A toothpaste flip lid (baby must open and close).
  • A big plastic bottle and screw top lid (baby must learn to screw the lid on and off)
  • A bum cream flip lid – pass them the bum cream.
  • An empty syringe (baby must put it back together and pull it apart, repeat).
  • A toothbrush (take turns to “brush teeth”). An electric toothbrush wins every time.
  • A hairbrush (take turns to brush hair).
  • A baby book (that squeaks) – anything that makes a noise is a winner.
  • A long rope or piece of wool.
  • A pair of plastic tweezers – open and close.
  • Apply a small dot of bum cream on to baby’s finger. Let him do it to you. On your nose?
  • Clothes pegs – open and close, peg baby’s t shirt, moms t shirt (baby must learn how to open and close)

Use the nappy change time as an opportunity to engage with baby. Eye contact is so valuable.

  • Sing a fun song
  • Tickle baby
  • Hide below the table/bed/ a book/ your hands and jump up and peek a boo
  • Play “round and round the garden” on baby`s tummy or hand
  • Do “this little piggy went to the market”
  • Make ridiculous sounds with your lips and blow on baby`s tummy.
  • Be totally silly.  Babies love silly moms!!

The use of “foreign objects” was a game changer for me as my second baby was a crocodile roller and I realized I also wasn`t actually paying him the attention he needed at nappy time as I was busy trying to make him sit still. I was also rushing him and he hated that. By both being engaged in a simple task or experimenting with something together distratcts baby from the actual nappy change and allows you to do it in peace. 

No one said this was going to be easy and remember this stage does pass. 

No matter what, don’t let anything stop you using your cloth nappies. Opt for a Pokkelokkie Snappit diaper or a fitted style if you have a croc. These two styles are definitely the fastest. We offer full support with our nappies and will help you get going.

Good luck mamma. 



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