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Making the transition from maternity leave to going back to work can be an emotionally difficult time for a lot of moms. On top of that, you will now need to find a way to stick to your pumping schedule whilst there. If you are fretting about making this transition, and where you will find time to pump when back in the office, this is the post for you. Read on below now as we will tackle this next step head on!

Plan Ahead For your Return

Before you go back to work, have a sit down conversation with your boss. Let them know that you will require a few breaks throughout the day to complete your pumping schedule. Give them a copy of the times and duration of your pumps if you would like as well.

Let your boss know that you will require a secluded room dedicated to your pumping needs. This will ensure that when you return, you won’t be questioned for your need to pump. Setting things up before arriving back at work can really save you a lot of trouble.

Ensure You Have A Place To Store Your Milk

Breastmilk is able to be kept at room temperature for six hours. Thereafter you risk it going off. As such, it is in your best bet to organize some space in the office fridge in which to store your milk. Furthermore, ensure that you have a cooler transport bag available for when you leave your office and head home. 

You may want to also have a pre-chat to your co-workers and just make them aware that you plan to store your milk in the office fridge. 

Making It Easier To Express At Work

The above tips will sit-down help you express at work going forward. Furthermore, if you need a bit of help with the let-down, keep videos and images of your baby nearby. These have been proven to help moms with their let-down. 

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