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How to prepare yourself emotionally for when your child starts eating solids

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Eating solids is a huge milestone in the life of your child! It is also a milestone for all moms who have breastfed their little ones up until that point. Letting go of the intimacy of feeding times can be an incredibly difficult journey for a woman. Therefore, know how to cope with this by reading on below now. We have a few suggestions to help you emotionally face the transition from liquids to solids in your little one’s life.

Don’t Say Goodbye Just Yet

Even though your child should be able to start eating solids from around the four month mark, this doesn’t mean you need to say goodbye to breastfeeding just yet. Luckily, you will be able to still breastfeed for as long as you see fit. Breastfeeding experts suggest you should aim to breastfeed your child for two years. From between four to six months, you will be able to introduce them to a more solid diet but continued breastfeeds are strongly supported. 

How To Cope When Eating Solids Are Enough For Your Little One

Ending a breastfeeding journey can be a mixed bag of emotions. Many women have been known to go through a myriad of emotions in the space of a day! Some of the most common emotions you will experience are as follows:

  • Relief: some moms may experience a sense of relief at the thought of ending their breastfeeding journey. This doesn’t suggest that they loathed the time spent with their child, but rather, that they look forward to enjoying a carefree diet once more! for whatever reason, some women feel a profound sense of relief at the thought, and this should not be belittled.
  • Guilt: in the same right, guilt will rear its ugly head in the emotional trio. Moms will feel guilty for being relieved at the thought of ending this journey. In the same right, some women will feel guilty in that they don’t know if it is the right time for their child. Whichever way you experience it, note that guilt will probably surface during this time.
  • Sadness: naturally, sadness will come into play. Breastfeeding is a hugely emotional and sentimental journey between mother and child. It also plays a huge role in the formative years of a child’s life. Naturally, saying goodbye to this practice will pull on the old heart strings.

Putting Your Emotions Into Perspective

The best thing to do for yourself is allow yourself to go through the motions of any feeling which pops up during this time. Another wonderful way to ensure you don’t lose any connection to your child is to set time aside daily for skin to skin hugs. Perhaps begin to schedule these in the times you would’ve usually spent breastfeeding. This will ensure you never miss out on the intimacy you shared with your child before. 

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