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How Multifunctional Toys support Creativity, Learning & Problem-Solving

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The educational value of toys are easily overlooked because playing, as an developmental activity, is not supported by traditional educational models, but it’s been proven that multifunctional toys stimulate a child’s development and brain function more than you know.

Music, art and playing are great educational tools, just like reading and writing. At a young age, children don’t only learn, they use all their senses to quickly develop subconscious perceptions of the world, and hands-on play encourages understanding of the world around them as well as imaginative play.

Engaging with the bright colours of the tracks when playing and stunting with Hot Wheels reinforces learning as children engage create new experiences with the dynamic system of play which stimulates their emotional and imaginative development in a completely different way than books do.

Toys and sets with interchangeable parts give children the freedom to play without rules, and explore their individual interests, placing them in a mental space where they can share their feeling and thoughts through play, because they feel comfortable enough to create what they want to. Apart from just stimulating creativity, which traditional approaches don’t cultivate, this kind of engagement also have an effect on other issues like self-esteem and confidence building.

Children need to be encouraged to think and create independently, and not confined to colouring inside the lines. This also helps them appreciate different points of view, rather than shy away from it, as well as stimulates their problem-solving abilities.

Parents who don’t know where to start are encouraged to get the The Hot Wheels Speed Drop Hauler, which redefines Hot Wheels storage and racing in one very cool semi-truck that’s full of surprises. Small display windows on the trailer showcase the more than 20 Hot Wheels cars it can carry, and when kids pull the back latch, this 3-in-1 toy unfolds into a six-foot long racetrack!

The multi functioning vehicle comes with three 1:64 scale Hot Wheels vehicles and can hold 20 more. It provides endless fun for kids 4 to 8 years old. Colours and decorations may vary, but the Hot Wheels Speedway Hauler is the ultimate all-in-one Hot Wheels package with so many features and so many ways to play, and is compatible with the entire Hot Wheels System of play, allowing for hours of imaginative and creative play.

About The Hot Wheels ™ City Speed Drop Transport™

The Hot Wheels™ City Speed Drop Transport™ Hauler combines the convenience of a cool-looking Hot Wheels® hauler with the awesomeness of a two-foot vertical racetrack that connects to other sets. In transport mode, the big rig semi can hold more than 20 1:64 scale toy cars as it rolls on its six massive wheels. Unhitch the rear lock and transform this hauler into an incredible two-foot-tall track for extreme excitement. Stunt cars down the epic gravity drop that can connect to other sets (additional track sold separately). Includes one Hot Wheels® vehicles to haul from the get-go. Colors and decorations may vary.for 22. Features: The Hot Wheels™ City Speed Drop Transport™ Hauler transforms from a cool and functional car-carrying trailer into a spectacular track with a 2-foot-tall gravity drop for extreme transport and excitement. The hauler can hold more than 20 Hot Wheels® vehicles and has big, rolling wheels to make it part of the fun itself. Unlock the rear hitch and transform the hauler into a track set with an epic 2-foot-tall drop. Includes 1 Hot Wheels® vehicle, and the track can connect to other sets to extend the stunting adventures (additional track sold separately). This hauler combines convenience and excitement with its massive storage capacity and epic drop – kids 4 years and older will love the awesomeness of this incredible gift! Legal Line: ©2021 Mattel. Licensed Legal 1: Licensed Legal 2:

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