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Do you want to see and feel Pokkelokkie reusable nappies before making a purchase?

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We have been manufacturing cloth nappies for almost eight years now. In this time we have recognized that many new parents wanting to use them, really want to sit down with someone who knows what they are doing and chat about how it all works. Seeing and feeling the nappies in real life (rather than just on a screen) before buying, is not always possible given our business is run mainly online. So we have come up with a solution!

In a country where disposables have become the mainstream go to product, navigating the cloth nappy world can feel a bit intimidating. This is because these days, there are quite a few different styles of modern cloth nappies to choose from and quite a bit of new lingo involved. Some styles work however quite a few don’t. The most important rule of thumb is, choose a nappy style that is fully absorbent (flats or fitted style), made from a decent quality fabric and put a waterproof cover over it. Twenty five years ago, parents only had one type available- the good old terri towelling flat and plastic cover. That is what everyone used. It worked, day and night (because it wrapped around baby). Did you know there was a woman by the name of Marion Donovan to thank for the very first cloth nappy way back in 1946. Marion was a housewife sick of changing wet bed linen, wet nappies, wet clothing and constant nappy rash due to the rubber pants available at the time. She had a light bulb moment while in the shower.  She cut a square out of her nylon shower curtain and created the first waterproof covering for cloth nappies. And cloth diapers were born. We have come so far since then! To think that generations of people only had flats. They really are such easy, affordable and effective nappies. And these days our flats are made from fabric that is a gazillion times trimmer and more absorbent. One cannot always tell a cloth diapered bum under clothes these days! 

So you have decided you want to use cloth nappies. You know how much money you will save and how much landfill will be diverted- almost a ton per baby to be exact. You also know how much better it is for your baby’s overall health. You have browsed the Pokkelokkie website but have some questions and you also would love to actually see the nappies and ask a few questions, right? How awesome would it be if you could just send a message to an experienced mum nearby, make an appointment, hop in the car and spend an hour with someone who has done it all from the birth of her baby. Now you can! Not so long ago we launched our very own PK Guru service. We have recruited nine mamma`s around the country that know their stuff. You can now find a Guru nearby and make an appointment. You will be able to hold our nappies, ask some questions and be inspired by an experienced mum who has done it all. There is nothing better than knowing what you have chosen is the right thing for you. The main drive behind this project is to encourage and help those who are wanting to do cloth, but feel like they need a bit of support. We know how much information is out there and sometimes it`s hard to narrow it all down. We do ask that you visit our website before making your appointment. This is to make sure you maximize the time spent together.  Our Guru`s cannot teach you the system from scratch. You do need to have a understanding of the basics which is all under the “learn about our nappies” tab on the site. 

We have two services. The free service is for first time parents who don’t yet use reusables. You can make a 60 minute long appointment at no charge. If you have your nappies already and need some help, appointments are charged at a minimal fee. Perhaps you need some help with your flats for example. Our Guru will show you the ropes!

We hope that by having this network of Guru`s around the country, more parents who are on the fence, will take the steps to start their reusable journey. It is very common for friends and family to gasp in horror at your desire to use cloth nappies. It seems so odd that others can judge something without having used it themselves. What I can tell you is that once you do start, those gasps quickly turn into “ooh`s and aahs” of pleasant surprise at how cute and easy our modern day nappies actually are. 

Join our tribe. Email us to get started.

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  • Kassy Bindeman March 8, 2023 at 2:47 am

    Love the idea of a reusable cloth diaper, not only is it affordable but sustainable. Would definitely like to see and feel


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