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CryoSave South Africa: A Trusted Choice for Safeguarding Your Baby’s Future with Stem Cell Banking

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In the rapidly evolving field of medical science, the importance of stem cells in treating various diseases and conditions cannot be overstated. For expecting parents, the decision to bank their baby’s stem cells is a significant step towards securing the health and well-being of their child. CryoSave South Africa emerges as a distinguished choice for this crucial responsibility, and here are three compelling reasons why.

1. Pioneering Legacy in Stem Cell Banking

CryoSave proudly stands as the oldest established stem cell bank in South Africa, with a commendable 20-year history of providing private stem cell processing and storage services in Southern Africa. In a region where public stem cell banks are scarce, CryoSave has been a trailblazer, offering families unparalleled access to cutting-edge technology and expertise.

A strategic partnership with PBKM Famicord, the fifth-largest cord blood bank globally, further solidifies CryoSave’s reputation as a trusted family stem cell bank in South Africa. PBKM Famicord, with its extensive international presence and expertise, brings invaluable experience to the table, particularly in the transfer of materials for transplantation.

2. State-of-the-Art Facilities for Unparalleled Security

CryoSave’s laboratory in Pretoria stands as a testament to its dedication to excellence. The state-of-the-art processing and storage facility adhere to rigorous international standards, guaranteeing the highest quality in cord blood and tissue preservation.

The cord blood samples undergo processing and cryopreservation using internationally validated protocols. Rigorous tests, including viability assessments, cell counts, and sterility evaluations, provide an added layer of assurance for parents entrusting CryoSave with their baby’s precious stem cells. Stored within liquid nitrogen storage tanks at temperatures ranging from -196 to -150 °C, these stem cells remain secure within CryoSave’s fortified facility for long-term preservation.

3. International Accreditation for Unmatched Quality

CryoSave South Africa’s commitment to excellence is exemplified by its voluntary pursuit of accreditation from the AABB Association. Dr. Robert Crookes, medical consultant to CryoSave South Africa, emphasizes the significance of AABB accreditation in fostering a level of professional and technical expertise that contributes to quality performance and patient safety.

As a member of the Cord Blood Association, CryoSave actively participates in an international network that collaborates to advance cord blood banking and therapies. Led by Professor Joanne Kurtzberg, a distinguished transplant specialist in regenerative medicine, this association reinforces CryoSave’s dedication to staying at the forefront of scientific advancements in stem cell therapy.

For more information on CryoSave’s commitment and partnerships, interested readers can visit CryoSave’s website.

In conclusion, CryoSave South Africa emerges as a premier choice for parents seeking a reliable partner in safeguarding their baby’s future through stem cell banking. With a rich legacy, state-of-the-art facilities, and international accreditation, CryoSave sets a benchmark for excellence in the critical field of stem cell preservation.

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