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Wouldn’t you like one less thing to worry about in your home? Especially now that you have a curious little one meandering around without a care about anything that could be dangerous. In a matter of seconds, your child could get into a potentially hazardous situation in the house. At Safety 1st, we have the babyproofing products you need to keep your child safe, from the kitchen to the bathroom to every other room.

Safety Gates

Once your little one is on the move – the race is on. And as fast as you think you are, they are somehow faster. Keep your wobbly walker from accessing certain areas of your house by installing baby gates in your home. But how do you know which safety gate to choose? Well, it all depends on where the baby gate is going. Pressure-mounted gates are perfect for the bottom of staircases or doorways. Since they adjust and stay in place by using pressure, you can install the gate without drilling into the wall.

If you need a baby gate at the top of the stairs, you’ll want one that securely mounts to the wall. These gates extend to ensure the proper fit, but you’ll need to get your drill handy. At Safety 1st, we have baby gates that are perfect for just about anywhere you need one in your home, including walk-through gates, doorway gates, pressure mounted, hardware mounted flat step, tall and wide, and more.

Locks & Latches

Curious kids love opening and closing doors, drawers, and cabinets until you find yourself so exhausted from telling them to stop that you need a nap. Since it isn’t safe to play with what’s tucked away inside, Safety 1st designed childproof locks and latches, including magnetic drawer locks, appliance locks, and latches that help protect your child from getting into areas they’re not supposed to be exploring.

Keeping your child safe is our top priority, which is why they are very easy for you to install and use, in case you were wondering. It’s ok if your home doesn’t have traditional doorknobs. We have locks that fit lever handles, too.

Shop our childproof cabinet locks, latches, and much more!

Plug Protectors

As much as you tell your little one not to play with something, they don’t always listen. So, you need a stronger line of defense when it comes to electrical outlets. Play it safe by installing plug protectors. The plug protectors are removable (by you) and help stop little ones from sticking who knows what into the unused outlets. 

When it comes to in-home safety, there are a few other ways to protect your little one, too. For instance, cord shorteners are a great way to wrap up long cords to help prevent your little one from getting caught in one. One thing parents don’t always think to cover is a power strip, but the exposed outlets that aren’t being used can also pose a danger.

Shop our selection of plug protectors, plus much more.

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