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Babies R Us Real Mama Club Annual Event Series is Back

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Babies R Us is calling on all soon-to-be and new mamas to join them at the annual Mama Club events, being held nationally from July. 

The event series in partnership with Parent Sense offers an opportunity to discover the secrets to successfully navigating the journey of parenthood.

Mamas from Cape Town, Johannesburg, Gauteng East Rand, Pretoria and KwaZulu Natal will have an opportunity to join the full day events which include important postpartum topics like, sex after birth, returning to work, the importance of pelvic health, reading your baby’s cues, introducing solids, mental health awareness, and relationships with your partner and family.

“Parenting can be challenging especially during the fourth trimester and immediately after birth but the Babies R Us team of experts are ready to guide our mamas through their journey of mamahood with this hugely popular annual Real Mama Club event series,” says Catherine Jacoby, Marketing Manager at Babies R Us.

“The event is particularly suited to mothers in their fourth trimester or who have recently given birth and we’re offering them an opportunity to meet new mama friends, share insights, get advice and enjoy a delicious lunch,” she adds. “What’s more, we have baby care on hand so mamas attending can be rest assured their little ones are taken care of by the Super Nannies.”

Tickets are on sale via the website at a cost of R200 and the ticket includes: a goodie bag packed with baby essentials, an opportunity to engage with a panel of expert speakers on a wide variety of postpartum topics, baby care provided by Super Nannies. 

There is also an opportunity to learn about products relevant to your baby from over twenty brands, including Tommee Tippee, Joie, Bounce, NUK and Bennets. Attendees also stand a chance of winning prizes from Pampers and Parentsense. 

“We know parenting is hard, but it is also incredibly rewarding. The aim of these events is to remind parents that they’re not alone and we’re here to support them through the reality of parenting,” Jacoby explains. “Babies R Us is more than just a baby retail store, we offer free antenatal care, wellness checks for both pregnant mom and baby, a family wellness department and the best products at all phases of parenting, all curated by professionals, these events are an extension of that.”

“We’re really looking forward to sharing this journey with our mama’s and parenting together,” she concludes.

Event details:

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