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Are Wearable breast pumps effective?

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Saving time or multitasking is how many mothers are able to extend their breastfeeding journey. Having to sit down and hold your flanges to your breasts, for extended amounts of time can be frustrating and really stressful when you know that you have other also important things to get done. Lets be honest, there is nothing worse than feeling like you are wasting your time. Holding flanges to your breast while stuck with being plugged in can make you feel like you are trapped. This can be exacerbated if the pump motor is not able to drain your breast quickly and you have a single pump. 

So, how can a mom make the most of her pumping time? 

Pumping is important if you are going back to work and want to maintain your milk supply. You need to stimulate your breasts effectively to either increase or maintain your supply and by skipping a pumping session or not draining your breast effectively you are taking a step backwards. These are our top 4 tips to making the most of your pumping time and how to reduce the time spend pumping. 

  1. Buy a hospital grade Breast pump like the Ameda Mya Joy. The Mya Joy has a motor that is fast < 20 minutes and effective at emptying your breasts so that you can finish your pump with confidence in your supply and pump more often due to the short time it takes to pump. It uses a 2-phase pumping system that is proven to increase your milk removal and it has the correct cycles and suction levels to imitate how a baby would suckle at the breast, making your pumping session a more natural session. It has 7 different flange size options, ranging form 21mm to 36mm, which makes pumping more comfortable and effective.
  2. Use the My HandsFree Cupswith your current breast pump to transform it into a wearable option. The My HandsFree cups has different adaptors that allows you to fit the cups to a variety of breast pumps. The My HandsFree Cups have 3 different flange sizes, 21mm, 24mm and 28mm. A fantastic combination is the My HandsFree Cups with the Ameda Mya Joy as you have the wearable option with a hospital grade technology. The Mya Joy is portable and very quiet which makes it easy to pump at work with discretion. Your work collages will not even know that you are pumping, how cool is that? 
  3. Use the My Pumping Bra with your current breast pump. The My Pumping Bra works by holding your breast pump flanges for you while you pump. This allows you to be portable and use your hands while pumping. It is designed to fit all breast pumps and is a very cost effective option. When you are looking at sizing for your bra, you need to measure the circumference of your breasts and deduct 10cm to find the correct size bra for you. You want the bra to have a snug fit so that it is able to hold up a full bottle of milk. 
  4. As the last option, try a wearable Breastpump. This is a pump that fits into your bra with the motor attached to it. These pumps can be inexpensive but are not designed to be the main form of emptying your breast of milk. The motors are often not as strong or programmed as the hospital grade breast pumps and as a result are not meant to be the sole pump or used with out a baby drinking form the breast to maintain a mother’s milk supply. As they do also take longer to express than a double hospital grade breast pump. Some mothers have found them to be ineffective and cause a drop in their milk supply.

The key to saving time and enjoying your pumping sessions is to find a quality breast pump that is going to be effective at draining your breast in the shortest amount of time. Make sure that your pump fits you correctly, and you are using the correct settings for best comfort and results. Having that pump as a hands-free or wearable pump is a major benefit as this allows you to move around or work  on your computer during a pump session. With the HandsFree Cups or the My Pumping Bra mothers have the opportunity to convert their pump into a wearable Hands Free breast Pump. 

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