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Online Education for Homeschoolers and Learning Centres

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What does Educ8 SA offer?

Educ8 SA’s Online Learning Program is the ideal choice for your homeschooling curriculum – offering teaching excellence and a broad curriculum at an affordable price. It offers an online education solution for homeschoolers and learning centres.

Online Learning Programs

Our Online Learning Program is the ideal choice for anyone looking for top-quality, proven, flexible online schooling.

Affordable, Quality Curriculums

The ideal choice for you, offering teaching excellence and a broad curriculum at an affordable price to students.

Convenient and Flexible

If you are looking for the convenience and flexibility of online homeschooling from the comfort of your home, you have found it!

We provide quality online education that is affordable, flexible, and personalised for all students from Pre-School to Grade 12.

Our Mission

Improving Lives Through Learning

We connect students and teachers to world-class curricula and resources, helping them reach their goals and pursue their dreams.

Our Vision

Expanding Learning Opportunities

To make quality education more accessible and improve lives through learning.

Our content is presented in an interactive, engaging, and effective way. We cater to different learning styles.

What curriculum options does Educ8 SA have to offer?

We have many different options such as…

Preschool to Grade 8 @R400 per month

(All resources, assessments, and tests included – no hidden costs)

American High School Diploma

Grade 9 – 12 @R1600 per month

(Includes all resources, assessments, and exams)

GED: R500 per month

(Includes digital course, PDF Study Guide, 1 for each subject, lots of bonus material, Mock Exams)

Individual Student Registration Fee:: Registration fee of R1000 per student or R1500 per Family Registration

What sets Educ8 SA apart from other curriculum providers?

Educ8 SA was established in 2017 due to a gap in the South African Education market for students and families with unique needs and circumstances seeking an innovative learning environment.

We recently won the EdTech Awards 2022 for our online Mobymax program and to date we have received more than 215 awards in the past 4 years. Lots of evidence that we are doing something right.

Educ8 SA has harnessed global technology and has partnered with the best providers in the eLearning industry to enable a revolution in quality education.

Today, we have students enrolled all over the country as well as in other parts of the world. Students who desire more flexibility and choice can design a learning plan to suit their needs.

Our program is one of those programs that you log onto, learning is simple and easy to navigate. Kids are able to log on and complete work at any time and work according to their pace. Making it easy to complete more than one grade level a year.

You can sign up for our 14 day free trial period, this is amazing as your kids will do placement test which helps them place them in the correct grade level.

Parent Support:

Parents can log in anytime to view their child’s progress in the parent portal. Our students work on their proficiency level and at their own pace. This feature makes our program ideal for special needs students and exceptional students who need a challenge.

Our solution allows you to monitor your child’s progress as they work through our accredited curriculum, in a safe controlled environment, your home. All you need is a laptop and Wi-Fi.

Student Support:

Our Student Managers are on duty from 8 am to 4 pm and are always available to help should a student contact them via their messenger for assistance.

These are just some of the fantastic features our program has to offer!

Assessments & Exams: We prefer the continuous assessment approach; therefore, our students in grades K – 8 do not write exams. For our high school students, exams will depend on their chosen matric option.

Registration Process:

1. Complete our online form Your 14-day FREE trial period starts here!

Please make a calendar entry/reminder of the date that your student’s trial end and let us know whether to remove or permanently add the student to your roster and invoice.

2. Login, then complete the Placement Test.

3. Notify us once all Placement Tests have been completed.

4. You will receive the results of the Placement Test by email.

5. You will be requested to schedule a zoom meeting with us to discuss the Placement Test results.

6. We set up your child’s personalized learning plan.

7. Students may start with lessons.

8. We invoice you, should you wish to register the student as a permanent learner.

We aim to produce citizens who are innovative, entrepreneurial, creative, and independent in their thinking.

We are making sure that our students are future-ready for an ever-changing world.

Up to 250 000 children are schooled at home in South Africa, with the numbers growing at 20% per year, home-schooling is now an important option!

In today’s society, learning is mobile. Adapt your child’s education to suit their needs, as well as yours.

Contact Educ8SA today!

084 685 2138

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