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How Wingu brings freedom of choice and peace of mind to online schooling from home

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Wingu Academy prides itself to meet our Wingu family and our Wingulians’ needs to have flexible schooling and still excel and thrive academically. Following is the account of one of our Wingu parents, Margo Meier’s testimonial of how Wingu was able to provide a stable and structured schooling solution which also affords them the flexibility the children need to pursue their passion for sport.  

“As a single working mom I faced an unknown territory when I removed Ané from mainstream schooling in Grade 6.  My heart sat in my throat.  Within a year I removed Morné, then in Gr 9, as well. Two years later Covid struck and with all the uncertainty of where schooling was heading, I removed Conrad in his Gr 6 year as well.  (My eldest had matriculated from a mainstream school by then).

There I was, mom alone, but not home alone.  Having to take on the responsibility of raising these three all on my own, not mentioning getting them through school alone, was daunting, or even better phrased, outright terrifying!

Wingu has changed our lives for the better. It has brought a structured peace of mind to the schooling atmosphere and general household.

From falling around from one home schooling system to the next, feeling overwhelmed with the standard of Cambridge and not knowing if my children would ever see a matric certificate,  to complete structure, giving over to those who know how, and knowing my children will achieve their best results.

The first two years we fell around from online school systems, to cottage style school going, to private tutoring, but all in vain.  Progress was slow, frustrations were high and money was wasted.

It was as though a heavy weight was lifted off my compressed shoulders and I could stand upright and face this challenge of homeschooling prepared and backed by professionals.

Wingu came as though it was sent to me on angel wings.  I was at a dead-end with options.

Wingu offered the correct standard (for the British International Curricula like Cambridge and Pearson Edexcel), affordable education with flexible options.

For the first time there was structure (a set time table). These systems where the children work completely at their own pace is a tall order for a teenager and working mom to keep tabs. The blend of structure and flexibility that Wingu offers, stroked the best balance for our family. 

Furthermore, the lessons are recorded.  We have a set rule that no class is skipped.  But oh dear, we forgot about load shedding (scheduled power outages in our country) which sort of happens to be in the middle of the mornings sometimes when most classes are scheduled.  No problem! – my children can catch up on missed lessons by the touch of a button.

In that same breath, it teaches them self-discipline and responsibility from a very young age.  More than any mainstream system can, for the sole reason that they are on their own (except for the support the Wingu team provides), nobody except themselves check in if they are up to date in our family. I am blessed with kids that have the right mind-set when it comes to schoolwork.

Ané is a top SA swimmer which requires her to miss classes for big galas and occasionally for extra swim practices.  Wingu allows her  to catch up in her own time without the pressure she would have experienced in a mainstream school. Now she can focus on both academics and her swimming, without sacrificing any one of them. 

In a nutshell Wingu gives a child freedom they never knew before.

Freedom of choice: To choose between pyjama uniform or dress up for the day. To choose to have slippers or socks on for the school day. To choose what time to make their lunch in between classes. To choose what hobbies to do in leisure time between the classes. 

Autonomy with responsibility. 

My two children currently still at Wingu are excelling academically.  I am extremely proud of them as I do the minimum with them as a working mom.

Ané excelled in her IGCSEs scoring A’s for many of her subjects including Chemistry (A*, 87%), A* for Physics (85%), A for Biology (80%), A for English (82%) and A* for Afrikaans (93%) and an A for Maths (75%). All the while becoming an SA swimming champion. We are extremely proud of her.  

What they achieve is on their own or if necessary, with the help of a Wingu teacher.

I feel this is one of the most valuable assets which the Wingu system allows, is for the child to be able to continue daily, taking responsibility and self-discipline into their hands.

Wingu gave my kids wings

To fly or not to fly is their choice, but Wingu taught them to fly high. 

Conrad applauds Wingu for the lower levels of stress and freedom to work at his own pace.

Ané thanks Wingu for teaching her how to explore extra avenues and how to learn by herself. ”

Margo Meier is a mother of four and a physiotherapist from Pretoria in South Africa. Her family has been enrolled at Wingu Academy since 2020 and has enjoyed the growth and innovation of the online school and the flexibility it offers. Margo appreciates the work-school-life harmony in her family that Wingu offers. Also see the link to her video testimonial about why the reason why Wingu Academy is the right fit for the Meier family:

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