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REFIRM: The gold standard in age correction

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How Lamelle Research Laboratories is leading the way in age correction with stem cell conditioning media in skincare

Age correction and anti-ageing skincare technologies are advancing by the day, and with so many different ingredients and formulas on the market, it’s sometimes difficult to know which one will yield the best outcomes.

When it comes to selecting effective anti-ageing skincare products that offer visible results, innovation is key. That’s where Lamelle Research Laboratories comes in. Known for having introduced many firsts in the South African market, Lamelle is a leader in the field of skincare, continuously pushing the boundaries of what products in the medical aesthetics industry can achieve.

Some of their most cutting-edge age correction products are formulated with stem cells, a term you’ve probably heard a lot recently, but perhaps don’t know much about. Simply put, a stem cell is an undifferentiated cell which is capable of dividing rapidly and giving rise to more cells of the same type. These cells do not have a specific role, and can become almost any cell that is required by the body. In medicine, stem cells can be used to replace cells damaged by chemotherapy or disease. They can also regenerate damaged tissue. 

In skincare, stem cells have the ability to repair skin cells. When applied to the skin, they may help soften fine lines and wrinkles, improve the skin’s texture and tone and promote cell turnover, resulting in an overall younger-looking appearance. 

Stem cells contain amino acids and peptides, which are known for their potential to regenerate the skin. Plus, they’re rich in antioxidants, an essential ingredient in our fight against the signs of ageing. 

So how are they utilised in skincare? When we say that a skincare product contains stem cells, we don’t mean that it actually has living human cells in it. Instead, we’re able to utilise stem cell conditioning media enriched with antioxidants, and highly active growth factors, anti-inflammatory cytokines as well as collagen and elastin-encouraging peptides.

Discover REFIRM, Lamelle’s most innovative age-correction range 

REFIRM Serum and REFIRM Elixir Cream are Lamelle Research Laboratories’ s most advanced anti-ageing solutions to date, harnessing the astounding age correction potential of adipose derived stem cell conditioning media (SCCM), a precious elixir born of stem cell biotechnology.

Put simply, “conditioning media” is a stem cell’s “liquid essence” – a precious elixir containing a treasure trove of cell-communicating secreted factors. To create this powerful rejuvenating cocktail, Lamelle extracts the stem cells from adipose tissue (fat cells), proven to deliver the best results over other types of stem cells when it comes to skin rejuvenation, and incubate them in a liquid gel. Once the stem cells have secreted their factors, they’re separated from their essence and the latter is used to create REFIRM. The results? A dramatic improvement in firmness; reduced wrinkling and a brighter, more luminous-looking complexion.

Witness Lamelle’s exosomes marvel

REFIRM’s SCCM contains highly active growth factors, anti-inflammatory cytokines, potent antioxidants, collagen-encouraging peptides and stem-cell derived exosomes that can transform your skin within just 28 days. Exosomes are naturally occurring microscopic messenger particles with the ability to seek and bind to specific “target cells”. Small, yet mighty, they penetrate deep into your dermis, where they instruct your skin to behave optimally. This includes increasing its ceramide production, turning off inflammation, inhibiting the production of pigmentation and encouraging the creation of healthy new capillaries.

Exosomes are unique in their ability to penetrate the skin barrier and deliver their load of growth factors (up to three times as much as stem cells) and other molecules directly to the skin cells. This targeted delivery system can help improve the efficacy of skincare products and treatments, resulting in advanced age correction results.

Stem cell exosomes are incredibly powerful when it comes to anti-ageing, but they’ve also shown to function in tissue damage repair, chronic wound healing and the inhibition of wound scar formation. Ultimately, they can be utilised to reverse skin ageing unlike any other skincare ingredient. 

Lamelle’s Refirm Elixir Cream has an impressive 3 billion exosomes per ml, while Refirm Serum has 4.8 billion exosomes per ml.


REFIRM Serum contains 98% of pure adipose-derived SCCM, Lamelle’s highest concentration. For optimal results, apply it twice a day to clean, dry skin before layering on your moisturiser. You can also decant your moisturiser and mix it with two drops of the serum. REFIRM Serum is ideal for use after a controlled injury such as cosmetic skin resurfacing. Do not apply to open wounds or skin that’s otherwise irritated or injured.

REFIRM Elixir Cream

This ultra-luxurious moisturiser contains SCCM, essential antioxidants, vitamins, soothing panthenol, skin-plumping hyaluronic acid and anti-ageing peptides. It is the ideal moisturiser to be used after the application of REFIRM Serum. Those with a drier skin type could apply it at night.

Experience cellular level rejuvenation

Within just 28 days, REFIRM Serum and REFIRM Elixir Cream push the boundaries of bioengineering to deliver a visible improvement in firmness, wrinkling and luminosity.

Age correction benefits you can expect from this duo include:

Firmer skin and reduced wrinkling 

Enjoy firmer, more youthful-looking skin as anti-wrinkle proteins increase your body’s production of Type 1 collagen, while down-regulating collagenase, an enzyme that degrades your collagen supply.

Antioxidant protection

Antioxidant proteins protect your fibroblasts (your skin’s “collagen factories”) from UV radiation-induced damage. They also enhance the activity of superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase, two free radical-fighting super antioxidants that occur naturally within your skin.

A brighter complexion

REFIRM’s brightening proteins regulate the production of melanin (the pigment that gives your skin its colour) to inhibit hyperpigmentation and create a more evenly toned, luminous-looking complexion.

Ground-breaking renewal

Wound-healing proteins reduce redness and inflammation making REFIRM a fantastic asset for anyone having undergone any kind of cosmetic skin resurfacing, be it a fractional laser treatment or a peel.

Stem cell skincare may be the most advanced, innovative anti-ageing products available to us, and REFIRM by Lamelle Research Laboratories is a cutting-edge example of what can be achieved with technological advancement. For more information visit 

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    Lamelle REFIRM sounds like the TLC my skin needs after a complete Thyroidectomy

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    Good day I would like to know whether you can make a stem cell serum that would help rejuvenating eyes
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