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Local cosmetics brand prevents One Million plastic bottles entering landfill, drawing the attention of Woolworths

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Be Bare Life, South Africa’s leading plastic-free and sustainable beauty brand is helping Woolworths lead the charge in eco-friendly cosmetics.

Unfortunately, cosmetics is one of the largest contributors to single use plastic worldwide. Of the 400 million tons of plastic produced each year, a devastating 14 million end up polluting oceans around the world.

For the first time, shampoo and conditioner bars will be available on shelves in 120 Woolworths stores across the country, offering their customers a plastic-free alternative to traditional liquid shampoos and conditioners.

‘A dynamic approach is required to tackle this ongoing pandemic’ says Be Bare Life Co-Founder, Robert Blonski. ‘Companies need to come up with innovative products which attack the plastic waste crises head on. Retailers then need to be willing to stock these products, enabling them adequate exposure. Finally, consumers must embrace the innovation by purchasing the products.’

‘This last step in the cycle is the most critical factor. Without consumer commitment innovation stalls, and similar eco conscious products are less likely to find their way into major retailers in the future. This breaks the cycle necessary to create fast and effective environmental change, something that is critical’.

Many people may not be familiar with the concept of hair care bars, but they are growing in popularity worldwide, especially amongst the younger generation who are actively switching to eco-friendly products. Hair care bars are solid, allowing them to be packaged in cardboard, eliminating the need for plastic. Sadly, only 9% of plastic worldwide has ever been recycled.

Furthermore, the alternative liquid shampoos and conditioners consist of up to 90% water – water scarcity becoming more and more of a worldwide issue. ‘Urgent intervention is needed’, reiterates Robert.  ‘To date, Be Bare Life has prevented over one million plastic bottles entering landfill, a statistic we are extremely proud of, however, when considering the billions of plastic bottles the hair care industry produces each year, it is clear we still have a long way to go in shifting consumer behavior.’

‘It took us 18 months to develop our range’ adds Robert, ‘It is imperative that our products can compete with salon quality hair care, otherwise consumers will not make a permanent switch. We understand that consumers will make an initial purchase based on our eco-friendly credentials, but if the product isn’t effective, they won’t make a repeat purchase. After all, many consumers put quality above all else when making a purchasing decision. We at Be Bare Life have ensured that there is no excuse not to make a shift to sustainable hair care.’

Be Bare Life’s hair care range offers great value for money. Their shampoo bar is the equivalent of three 350ml shampoo bottles, whilst one conditioner bar provides the same usage as five 350ml conditioner bottles. Each bar retails for R109.99.

The company only uses vegan ingredients, which are free of sulphates, parabens and petroleum derivates, phthalates and synthetic fragrance (utilising only natural essential oils). Their bars are pH balanced, colour safe, non-irritating and nurturing for hair, scalp and skin. Be Bare Life is also endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty, making them an animal friendly option. All their products are manufactured locally in Cape Town and they have made it a priority to upskill women in their production facility.

Be Bare Life’s diverse hair care range consisting of four shampoo and three conditioner bars which cater to a variety of hair types can be found in Woolworths stores from the 13th of October. For more information visit

Get you eco-friendly hair care at these Woolworths stores nationwide.

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