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Introducing Proudly South African brand My Natural Hair

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Looking for a hair care brand that caters to natural and relaxed hair? Introducing My Natural Hair, a proudly South African hair care brand targeted to modern African women that suits all African hair types, even when worn under weaves, braids or wigs.

Formulated with natural butters and oils, all My Natural products are free from sulphates, parabens, silicones, and mineral oils, making them safe for you and the environment. The brand is dedicated to helping women achieve stronger, softer and healthier hair.

To make My Natural Hair products accessible to more women, the main core range recently underwent a price drop, with pricing ranging from R46.99 – R140.00.

The range includes:

My Natural Hair Hydration Mask – R46.99

My Natural Hair’s Hydration Mask is a thick blend of Coconut, Olive, Jojoba Oils and Shea Butter. The formulation effectively coats each strand, unmasking your natural hair’s potential, with a boost of organic nourishment for noticeably softer, detangled and hydrated natural hair.

My Natural Hair Edge Styling Gel – R49.95

When laying those edges, you want a nourishing gel that leaves your edges protected, flake-free, soft to the touch, and neatly laid for that all-day sleek look. My Natural Hair’s Edge Gel with Shea Butter ensures that your baby hairs are laid to rest, so you can get to work instead of babysitting those pesky fly-away’s.

My Natural Hair Moisturizing Butter – R49.95

The natural blend your hair has been waiting for. With a focus on South African natural hair, this Moisturising Butter effectively soaks into each strand, keeping it nourished, moisturised and protected for noticeably softer hair. A rich blend of Shea Butter, Coconut Oils, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil and Sunflower Oil, carefully selected for their hydrating and moisturising properties, to ensure long lasting, all day moisture.

My Natural Hair Strengthening Oil – R69.95

Every crown deserves a retouch now and then. Treat your hair to a hot oil treatment to give your hair that extra bit of love. My Natural Hair’s Strengthening Oil can be used as a sealant, locking away moisture, a hot oil treatment, to improve your hair’s health, or a pre-poo, to retain moisture after shampooing. It is a lightweight blend of Sunflower, Castor, Grapeseed, Avocado, Sweet Almond and Olive Oil, with each active carefully blended for their powerful properties, improving the health of your hair, and restoring strength to each strand.

My Natural Hair Nourishing Shampoo – R69.95

Our Nourishing Shampoo effortlessly coats each strand from root to tip, removing product build-up from your hair and scalp; leaving behind a fresh dose of moisture for nourished hair and a soothed scalp. The natural antibacterial restoring and moisturising properties of Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter will leave your hair clean, moisturised and soft.

My Natural Hair Curling Cream – R99.95

My Natural Hair’s Curling Cream is formulated to enhance your hair’s unique nature, leaving you with moisture-popping defined curls that speak volume. This delicious whip of Olive, Coconut and Jojoba oil coats and absorbs into each strand, for improved curl definition and hydrated lightweight bounce.

My Natural Hair Leave in Conditioner – R79.95

My Natural Hair’s Leave-In Conditioner is formulated with a delicious blend of natural oils and creams that your natural hair has been craving, treating it with the best nature has to offer. It is formulated with Coconut, Jojoba and Olive Oil to give your hair the nourishment and moisture to withstand our unique South African conditions.

My Natural Hair Curling Gel – R99.95

The My Natural Hair Curling Gel is formulated with Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and added vitamin E. These lightweight oils, penetrate and coat your hair shaft, providing amazing moisture, opening your curl pattern for a defined curl that is pure Insta Gold.

My Natural Hair Volumizing Mousse – R79.95

My Natural Volumizing Mouse offers a generous lightweight bounce to your natural hair. Enriched with Castor oil and Olive oil, the mouse will moisturize your hair while adding glorious volume.

My Natural Hair Hydrating Conditioner – R79.95

With its rich blend of Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil and Sweet Almond oil, My Natural Hair’s Hydrating Conditioner hydrates each strand, replenishing moisture from root to tip. Our blend of natural oils and creams penetrates each strand, restoring damage from within, improving your natural hair’s elasticity for that added bounce. A boost of moisture to revive your hair’s bounce.

My Natural Hair products are available from Clicks.

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