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Introducing MAVALA’s new Bio-Color Nail Polishes and Multi-Moisturizing Snow Mask

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MAVALA is proud to introduce you to two exciting new launches:

MAVALA Bio-Colors + Silicium (R125.00 – Dis-Chem)

New Bio-Colors are the natural nail colour solution you’ve been waiting for. With a more natural formula, these nail colours contain more raw materials of plant and mineral origin, without compromising on hold, shine and respect for nails.

These new formulations contain sugar cane, rice, beetroot, wood pulp and corn, replacing the solvents and plasticizers usually derived from petrochemicals. The formulas contain at least 85% natural origin ingredients, and the colours are enriched with clay derivative and fortifying organic silicon, which improves the quality of the nails while protecting them.

This new collection is available in 12 timeless shades, easily recognizable with the leaf illustration on the front of the label, and with its white cap. White symbolizes naturalness, while the gold of our traditional MINI’s refers more to the universe of makeup.

The names of the 12 new colours highlight 12 legendary rivers from all over the world, in reference to water, the  source of life:

701 – Rio Grande – An aubergine shade, summer storm at the foot of the Arizona pines.

702 – Mississippi – A budding passion over the water.

703 – Nile – A blood red, at the heart of a captivating romantic plot.

704 – Rhône – A bold burgundy like the most powerful of French rivers.

705 – Volta – An optimistic solar energy.

706 – Thames – The charm of a picnic on the banks of a long calm river.

707 – Colorado – A dark red in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

708 – Murray – A journey to the heart of lush flora and fauna.

709 – Amazonas – An expressive fuchsia, like the world jewel of nature.

710 – Mekong – A deep red, daydream embarked on the Mekong.

711 – Shannon – A radiant and majestic fuchsia.

712 – Indus – An adventurous dark purple.

Plant-based ingredients in the new formulas include:

Ethyl Acetate/Butyl Acetate

Solvents of petrochemical origin have been replaced by bio-sourced solvents, meaning they originate from renewable farming resources (sugar cane, rice, beetroot). They are useful to give the desired fluidity to nail polish and act on the drying time, evaporating once the nail polish is applied to the nails.


Essential resin for nail polishes, nitrocellulose is obtained from wood pulp. It forms a hard protective film when drying and increases the lasting power of nail polish. Nitrocellulose is mainly responsible for the permeability of MAVALA nail polishes to air and water vapour, thus allowing the nail to breathe. MAVALA has been using nitrocellulose in all its nail polishes since 1962.

Triethyl Citrate

This plasticizer brings texture, shine and flexibility to nail polish. Its origin is purely botanical: it is produced from corn and beetroot.

The mineral-based ingredient in the new formula is:

Stearalkonium bentonite

This substance of mineral origin (crushed clay) guarantees a good spreading of nail polish and a nice homogeneity.

All MAVALA Nail Colors are formulated without toluene, phthalates, formaldehyde (prohibited), camphor, xylene, acetone, heptane, rosin resin, ethyl tosylamide, triphenyl phosphate, tosylamide / formaldehyde resin, preservatives (parabens or others, as formulas are not subject to microbiological contamination).

No ingredients of animal origin are used; they are therefore suitable for vegans.

MAVALA Aqua Plus Multi-Moisturizing Snow Mask (R695.00 – Dis-Chem)

The summit’s best-kept secret: This ultra-fresh moisturizing and soothing mask is formulated with 94% natural origin ingredients, including glucidic complex acting on the three key mechanisms of skin hydration:

  1. Reinforces the skin’s natural barrier function.
  2. Increases the skin’s water reserves.
  3. Maximizes the water circulation within the epidermis.

This vegan formula contains Pure Alpine Water, Swiss Mallow Flower (rich in moisturizing and soothing qualities) and Gel-Trap Technology for an ultra-fresh effect. It is enriched with glycerine of vegetable origin for an instant moisture boost.

Texture: gel-in-oil emulsion that frees its water micro droplets on the skin for unique freshness and sensoriality.

Results: the skin is quenched, soft, supple and soothed.

Apply: twice a week on clean face, eye contour and neck. Leave it on to act for ten minutes. Remove excess with cotton pad.

MAVALA always strives to minimise their carbon footprint and to become more eco-responsible. As such, this tube is made from recycled plastic (36%), the box is printed on cardboard from sustainably managed forests (FSC) and it uses 38% less paper by not including a leaflet in the box.



Over the years, MAVALA has become synonymous with quality thanks to its specific and effective professional standard products. With categories including, nail, hand, feet, face and make-up, all created from rigorous research and manufactured in our Geneva factories to impeccable quality demands.

We care about the planet. We source our ingredients and raw materials from the nearest suppliers in Switzerland to reduce our carbon footprint. Whenever possible, we package our products without a box to reduce waste and manufacture under cold conditions to reduce energy consumption. We also increasingly use ingredients that are readily biodegradable. In particular, we do not use plastic microbeads which contribute to ocean pollution.

We are 100% cruelty-free, we do not test any of our ingredients or products on animals.

In South Africa, MAVALA is available through approved and appointed stockists ranging from small independent salons, pharmacies and large retail stores and chains, such as Clicks, Dis-Chem and Woolworths. MAVALA is also sold at some independent outlets around the country.


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