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How to get a salon quality mani and lashes from the comfort of your home

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There is nothing like a fresh set of nails or lashes to make you look and feel fantastic, however, for many women a regular trip to the salon is no longer an option.

It’s no secret that salon visits have become pricey, and with the general cost of living going up all the time, many of us have had to cut back on our beauty budgets. Then there’s also the factor of time – in between going to work, fetching the kids, running the household and maintaining a social life, it’s not always possible to fit in a trip to the salon.

The solution? DIY manis and lashes at home. Quick, easy (we promise!) and affordable, DIY treatments are the way of the future.

Now before you think, “I could never do as good a job myself,” you need to consider that the products available for home beauty have advanced astronomically. Long gone are the bulky false nails and messy glues our mothers had to contend with in the past. And lashes? Forget over-the-top spider leg lashes and difficult application – modern DIY lashes are easy to apply and look professional, provided you choose a good quality brand.

KISS, a leader in nail care and lashes, has been empowering consumers with the freedom to “bring the salon home” and express their individual style and beauty, with high quality DIY products at affordable prices since 1989. These are the Kiss products you need to achieve your very best DIY mani and lashes at home.

DIY nails

KISS Bare But Better TruNude False Nails (from R179.95)

The nude nail trend is here to stay! KISS and imPress Bare but Better TruNude false nail shades flatter a range of skin tones. These false nails look professionally done, but it takes only minutes to DIY. Glue-on nails are easy to apply and removal is hassle free. Safe on natural nails, Bare but Better stays perfect for up to 7 days.

KISS imPRESS Color Press-On Manicure (from R145.95)

Prefer a press-on to a glued-on nail? Kiss imPress Color Press-on Manicure gel nails are super-slim and super-comfortable. They look and feel like your own nails, and no glue is needed – simply press them onto your nails and go. Chip-proof, smudge-proof and no drying time! Each set includes 30 nails, prep pad, file and cuticle stick, and the range features a wide variety of colours and designs to suit every preference.

DIY lashes

KISS FALSCARA Starter Kit (R499.95)

Possibly the easiest false lashes you’ll ever use! Can you mascara? Then you can totally FALSCARA. FALSCARA brings the glam prowess of a posh lash studio home, with a stunning array of subtle-to-glam WISPS that are placed on the underside of your natural lash line. By applying the WISPS to the underside of your lash line, your natural lashes are free to grow strong and healthy. It’s the beautiful lashes you were born with — but with weightless backup that’s basically incognito. Lash extensions minus the time, hassle and expense! Go subtle or super glam – WISPS are buildable and customizable. The starter kit includes: BOND & SEAL, WISPS, and APPLICATOR.

KISS Magnetic Eyeliner Lash Starter Kit (R399.95)

Kiss Magnetic Eyeliner Lash Starter Kit has everything you need to get started with false lashes. These magnetic lashes feature five magnets placed along the lash line, which ensures a secure hold once applied. Simply apply the eyeliner along your top lash line, wait a minute and then apply the lashes – the magnets will adhere to the liner and stay in place all day. The kit contains one pair of magnetic lashes and a 5g tube of magnetic brush on eyeliner.

KISS Lash Couture Naked Drama False Lashes (R240.00)

Love a pair of good old fashioned glue-on lashes? Then KISS Couture Naked Drama False Lashes are for you. These 3D mink effect lashes look luxurious but feel light and natural. Each design features elegantly tapered lashes with soft outer ends, while a Cushion Flexi Band hugs your lash line for a seamless contoured fit.

Achieving salon-quality lashes and manis at home is not just doable, it’s far easier than you think thanks to the variety of KISS products on offer.

KISS products are available from Clicks and Dis-Chem.

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