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How to brighten blonde hair

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Whether you’ve gone platinum, golden, ash or honey blonde, you’re bound to love the effects of your fresh new colour. But while newly-coloured blonde hair looks great, it requires a fair bit of maintenance and TLC to keep it looking that way. 

Blonde hair tends to lose its shine and is prone to brassiness and colour fade. The truth is that even when you’re diligent about your blonde hair care routine, dullness and brassiness (when shades of silver or platinum take on a yellowish tinge) can creep in and steal your shine. This is because blonde hair is vulnerable to sun damage, the effects of hard water (tap water that contains colour-stripping minerals like copper and chlorine), pollution and using the wrong hair care products.

But while blonde hair may require a bit of maintenance, the reward is truly worth it. Brightening your blonde need not be difficult or stressful – follow these simple tips and product suggestions to enjoy your best blonde yet.

Go sulphate-free

Sulphates are present in the majority of soaps, shampoos and household cleaning agents. They are responsible for that foamy lather we’ve all come to love, and they are extremely effective at removing dirt and impurities. However, this also makes them very drying on the skin and hair, as they strip moisture along with dirt. This can lead to dehydration, damage and breakage, plus, using sulphate products on coloured hair may also strip the colour. To preserve blonde hair’s moisture, colour and strength, it is essential to go sulphate-free.  

Try: Marc Anthony Complete Color CarePurple Shampoo (R179.95) and Conditioner (R179.95) for Blondes & Highlights. Formulated with violet pigments, this duo helps neutralise unwanted brassy tones, while nourishing and providing a boost of moisture to your blonde locks.

Embrace purple

Purple and violet shampoos are a great choice for blonde hair, as they can neutralise brassy and yellow tones in the hair by colour-correcting them. How? It all comes down to colour science. Purple and yellow are opposite one another on the colour wheel, which means they have the ability to cancel each other out. You know how you’d use a green concealer to cancel out redness on the skin? This essentially works the same way.

Try: Pro:Voke Brightening Shampoo Touch of Silver (R130.00) neutralises brassiness and brightens colour in coloured, natural or highlighted platinum, blonde, white, or grey hair with a toning violet pigment.

Follow with Pro:Voke Colour Care Conditioner Touch Of Silver (R130.00). Its creamy, protective formula strengthens and helps repair damaged hair by infusing extra moisture for an improved smooth and silky texture. It also contains optical brighteners to instantly boost shine and retain rich hair colour.

Correct brassiness

As with all things, prevention is better than cure, however, if you are struggling with brassiness, it’s not too late. Invest in colour-correcting products to remove unwanted brassy tones and restore your original colour. 

Try: CreightonsSunshine Blonde Silver Intense Brightening Shampoo (R89.95)

And Sunshine Blonde Tone Correcting Conditioner (R99.95). These products help correct unwanted brassy tones brought on by sun exposure. Formulated withviolet pigments and UV filters, the shampoo helps brighten your hair from the very first wash. 

Rinse with lukewarm water

Avoid the temptation to use hot water when shampooing and conditioning your hair. Not only is hot water drying on your skin (think an uncomfortable and flaky scalp!) but it also opens the hair’s cuticles which can result in faster colour fade. Cold water seals the cuticle rather than opening it, which helps preserve colour and increases shine. 


All hair colours need added hydration in winter, but for blonde hair, it is particularly important to use hydrating or moisturising hair care products. The process of lightening one’s hair can be very drying and sometimes even damaging. That’s why it is essential to replenish moisture with conditioner and hair masks or treatments. Use a generous amount of a nourishing conditioner for blonde hair after every shampoo, and apply a hair mask to strengthen blonde hair at least once a week.

Try: Creightons Sunshine Blonde Brightening Silver Treatment Masque (R74.95). Quick and easy to use, this product is formulated with nourishing argan oil and violet pigments to protect and brighten blonde hair, while also repairing damaged hair. 

Protect against breakage

Because blonde hair is prone to dryness and damage, it is also at risk of breakage. While taking all the necessary steps to preserve your colour, don’t forget to also pay some attention to increasing your hair’s strength and resilience. Gently pat your hair dry with a towel rather than rubbing it dry, as the friction can damage wet strands. Wait for your hair to dry before you brush it as wet hair is vulnerable and can snap easily. 

Apply a nourishing hair mask like Marc Anthony Complete Color CareNourishing Hair Mask (R189.95). This mask reduces colour fade while locking in nutrients and protecting against environmental damage. It is rich in fatty acids and castor oil which helps keep your scalp hydrated and nourished, resulting in stronger, shinier, and healthier hair.

Follow these simple steps to keep your blonde hair in its best shape yet. 

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