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Brighten – don’t lighten – and reveal your most beautiful skin with Lamelle Luminesce

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At Lamelle Research Laboratories, we believe the most beautiful skin colour is the one you were born with. Still, a quick scroll through social media reveals a frightening number of skin-lightening products abound. To us, the idea of changing your natural skin tone is ludicrous. Also, many of the products promising to do it range from utterly ineffective to downright dangerous. Recently, a slew of countries have banned skin-lightening products containing mercury, while the FDA is continuously warning consumers not to purchase over-the-counter skin-lightening products containing hydroquinone due to the potential harm they could cause. 

Brighten safely and brilliantly

Clearly, skin lightening is a murky, potentially dangerous body of water to wade in. Brightening, however, is completely different and something we do best, thanks to Luminesce by Lamelle Research Laboratories. Our most technologically advanced hyperpigmentation program to date. It regulates your skin’s melanin production to reveal your gorgeous, natural skin tone – free of the excessive pigmentation that can manifest as unwanted dark patches. 

The culmination of years of expert research, Luminesce is trusted by customers and Dermatologists alike for its ability to deliver dramatic results. A brand-new active ingredient now doubles the absorption rate of each product’s active ingredients, dramatically improving their efficacy. Also, unlike many other skincare products that rely on just one or two ingredients, Luminesce contains a potent and proven arsenal to reduce the look of dark marks and boost your skin’s radiance quickly, safely and effectively. 

A bouquet of benefits 

Like we said, many things factor into the creation of unregulated melanin production so we’ve used a mega-mix of medical-grade actives to create a multi-faceted solution. As an example, our range includes a triple complex peptide active blend that hinders the proteins that instruct your skin’s melanin factories to go into overdrive. We’ve then bolstered that with Arbutin to tamp down the creation of tyrosinase, an enzyme that can also overly excite your melanocytes. 

Another way we tackle pigmentation is on a DNA level, using groundbreaking DKK-1 gene technology. Studies have shown that melasma sufferers have a defect in a pigmentation-regulating protein called DKK-1. For the first time ever, Lamelle Luminesce can support the role of DKK-1 gene signaling to safely regulate pigment-producing cells at a DNA level. 

We didn’t just stop there. The Luminesce line also contains soothing anti-inflammatory antioxidants Niacinamide and Yarrow and Turmeric extract derivatives. (Keeping your skin calm is important because, if not, it could hyper-react to any little perceived insult, be it an angry pimple or a sunburn. The resultant “trauma response” is the overproduction of melanin known as Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation.) 

Lastly, we’ve also included a non-irritating retinoic acid in our Luminesce Evening Glow night lotion. Not only will it help you reduce the look of wrinkles, but it speeds up your skin’s cellular turnover to exfoliate superficial pigmentation on the surface of your skin.

An interesting aside

Want to turbo-boost your results? Don’t stop with just our Luminesce range. You can enhance your results with our Correctives Brighter Serum and Brighter Concentrate. They both contain Decabutin, arbutin’s super powerful cousin. It’s a whopping six times more effective at tamping down tyrosinase than hydroquinone, but without the potential of skin cell-damaging effects when used in the long term. Love that! 

The bottom line

Your skin is beautiful. You never need to lighten it, but you can brighten it by reducing the look of pigmentation to reveal the very best version of you. To get going, chat to a Lamelle skin care therapist who can recommend which of our Luminesce and Corrective products would suit you best and put you on the path to healthy, radiant skin. 

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