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Brighten – don’t lighten – and reveal your most beautiful skin with Lamelle Luminesce

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At Lamelle Research Laboratories, treating pigmentation is something we do best and that’s because we do it differently. Unlike most beauty brands that focus on either hiding dark marks or slightly fading the superficial ones, we rely on powerful peptides to intervene with the multiple pathways that lead to pigmentation’s creation. This way, we can target what exists, prevent it from reoccurring and even tackle it on a DNA level. That’s the Lamelle difference.

Brighten brilliantly

Luminesce by Lamelle Research Laboratories is our most technologically advanced hyperpigmentation program to date. While other skincare brands like to tout one “miracle ingredient”, the Luminesce collection boasts a mega-mix of medical grade actives to create a multi-faceted solution to pigmentation, attacking it in every stage of its creation to reveal a radiant, evenly-toned complexion.

The key player in Luminesce’s all-star line-up is actually a trio – a triple-complex peptide blend that hinders the proteins that instruct your skin’s melanin factories to go into overdrive (melanin is the pigmentation that gives your skin its colour). Better yet, it also decreases the transfer of melanin into your surrounding skin cells and inhibits the creation of tyrosinase, an enzyme that can also trigger an overproduction of melanin.

The word “overproduction” is important because beautiful skin is all about balance – our peptides will only ever regulate your skin’s melanin content, preventing an excess and not interfering with the amount you were born with. In short, you don’t ever have to worry about depigmenting your skin, a potential side-effect of badly-formulated skin-brightening products. In fact, our peptide complex doesn’t just tackle pigmentation – it also stimulates collagen production, so you can also enjoy anti-ageing benefits while you brighten up!

Come and get your glow up!

You’ll find our innovative peptide blend in both Luminesce Brighter Day and Luminesce Evening Glow. Both of these pigmentation-inhibiting powerhouses also boast groundbreaking DKK-1 gene technology. Studies have shown that melasma sufferers have a defect in their DKK-1, a protein that’s responsible for pigmentation regulation. Fortunately, Lamelle Luminesce can support the role of DKK-1 gene signaling and safely regulate pigment-producing cells at a DNA level (don’t worry – we’re not changing your DNA; we’re just activating lazy genes responsible for pigmentation overproduction. So, to put it simply, we’re helping your body function naturally, but optimally!).

The benefits of our patented peptide blend also extend to our bestselling foaming cleanser, Luminesce Brightening Cleanse. It gently cleanses all skin types without over-drying and is formulated with anti-inflammatory Yarrow and Mallow extract (for the record, inflammation is one of the triggers of pigmentation).

Ready to get glowing? Chat to a Lamelle Skincare Therapist who can recommend which of our Luminesce products would put you on the path to healthy, radiant skin.]

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  • Allaine Marais November 29, 2023 at 6:16 am

    And here i was thinking id need surgery to get my skin brighter. I absolutely loved this ❤️

  • Robynn Paul November 29, 2023 at 8:47 am

    I love this approach to treating pigmentation. I’ve only recently developed pigmentation, which developed after childbirth. Definitely wanting to try this range.


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