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Bramley Cosmetics busts five common winter skincare myths

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We live in an age of information, and despite having a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction.

This is especially true for skincare. There are so many myths that are commonly believed to be true, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find reliable sources of information.

As we head deeper into winter, our skin will need a little more care to stay soft, healthy and hydrated. Plus, it’s time to ditch the myths once and for all and embrace a daily skincare routine that is based on facts – not misconceptions.

Bramley Cosmetics, one of SA’s leading skincare manufacturers, busts some of the most common winter skincare myths:

#1 Myth: A hot shower or bath moisturises skin

Fact: It might feel great to take a hot shower or soak in a hot bath when temperatures drop, but hot water can be damaging to your skin. When your skin is exposed to water that is warmer than your body temperature, your pores open and moisture evaporates. This can lead to dryness and dehydration – the opposite of what you want. We recommend taking a lukewarm to warm shower or bath and to use a creamy or hydrating body wash that won’t strip skin of its natural moisture. Bramley Magnolia & Vanilla Body Wash gently cleanses skin without stripping its natural oils and is lightly fragranced to leave your skin smelling beautiful.

#2 Myth: The thicker the cream, the better it hydrates

Fact: A moisturiser’s texture and consistency is important, but don’t be fooled – while it may affect how much you enjoy using the product, it doesn’t necessarily affect its ability to hydrate your skin. A moisturiser’s efficacy comes down to its ingredients. A lotion formula can be as hydrating and nourishing as a cream formula, provided it contains good quality moisturising ingredients. Take Bramley’s Magnolia Body Lotion as an example. It has a lovely lightweight formula that doesn’t skimp on performance: It is rich in Bramley’s signature Bio-Pharm oil and Vitamin E, and while it is easily absorbed, it leaves skin feeling soft, moisturised and velvety.

#3 Myth: You don’t need sun protection in winter

Fact: Most of us grew up thinking that sun protection was only necessary when you hit the beach, but modern studies have shown that the sun’s UV rays are harmful all year round. They can even penetrate your skin on gloomy or overcast days, leading to skin damage, hyperpigmentation and accelerated ageing. While you’ll likely be covered up during winter, it’s important to still apply a sun protection product to any part of your skin that is exposed.

#4 Myth: You shouldn’t use a tissue oil in winter

Fact: There is a myth doing the rounds that tissue oil is sticky and oily, and that it’ll ruin your clothes or clog your pores in winter. The fact is that tissue oil is actually the perfect product for winter skin. It is extremely good at hydrating skin and locking in moisture, which is just what you need during the colder months. Most tissue oils absorb well and don’t leave skin feeling sticky. Plus, they’re unlikely to clog your pores as most of them have non-comedogenic formulas. Bramley’s Tissue Oils are the number one selling tissue oils in SA for good reason: They’re enriched with Bramley’s signature Bio-Pharm oil to enhance the functionality of the skin’s moisture barrier and Vitamin E for skin cell repairing. Lightly fragranced, they absorb easily, they’re versatile and they’re suitable for all skin types. From hydrating and moisturising skin to treating scars and stretch marks and correcting uneven skin tone, these tissue oils have an almost endless list of benefits.

This winter, we recommend trying the Bramley Magnolia Tissue Oil and the Cocoa Heaven Tissue Oil, as their scents are warm and inviting for the colder weather.

#5 Myth: You don’t need to moisturise your body if it’s covered in clothes

Fact: This couldn’t be further from the truth. The air becomes drier during winter because the humidity (moisture droplets in the air) drops. When this happens, the air will try draw moisture from anywhere it can, including your skin and hair. That’s why our skin is prone to being so dry in cold weather. Your skin may be protected by clothing, but that won’t stop it from becoming drier. The only way to combat this dryness is to apply moisturising body care products. Most skincare experts recommend applying a body cream or lotion daily, within a couple of minutes after your shower when your skin is still a little damp, as this helps trap water and increase hydration.

Instantly hydrating, Bramley’s range of Body Butters have a gorgeous thick texture and leaves skin soft and supple. These buttery body butters offer all-over moisturiser and can be used on body, face, hands and feet. Rich in Vitamin E and Bio-Pharm oil, the intensive formulation will nourish and moisturise all skin types, whilst providing the protection your skin requires. We recommend the crowd-favourite Magnolia and deliciously indulgent Cocoa Heaven variants for winter.

Bramley products are available at PEP Stores nationwide.

Bramley Tissue oils, Body Butters and Wipes are available at select Clicks, Pick ‘n Pay and Wholesale stores.

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