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Winter is officially here, and by now you’ve likely replaced your lightweight moisturiser for a richer, creamier alternative, and your foamy gel cleanser for a milkier version. Most of us are really good at adapting our facial skincare routine to accommodate the colder weather, but how much attention do you pay to your body care regime?

Cooler temperatures are synonymous with dry skin. That’s because a drop in temperature means a drop in humidity (water particles in the air). When the humidity drops and the air becomes drier, it’ll try extract moisture from anywhere it can – including your skin.

And that’s how we end up with scaly, dry and sometimes even rough skin in winter. Dry skin can occur anywhere on the body, and if left untreated it can become sensitive and flaky. Don’t skimp on your body care regime this winter – a few small lifestyle changes and the right products will ensure your skin stays soft, smooth and hydrated all season long.

#1 Stay hydrated

In winter we’re less likely to stick to our eight glasses of water per day, and more likely to reach for another warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Staying hydrated isn’t just important for your organs and gut health, but it’s also essential for hydrated skin. If you simply cannot get through eight glasses of water per day, try substitute one or two of them with a herbal tea instead – you’ll still benefit from the water content without additional caffeine or sugar.

#2 Avoid hot showers

There is nothing better than a hot shower when it’s chilly outside, right? Wrong! Hot water may feel great when you’re cold, but it’s extremely dehydrating. It strips skin from its natural oils and may leave it feeling tight, dry and sensitive. Dermatologists recommend sticking to lukewarm – warm showers. Not sure how to gauge the temperature? If your skin is flushed (pink) after your shower, the water was too hot.

#3 Incorporate an oil in your regime

Our skin is lipid-loving, which means that oils are a great option to moisturise and nourish it. Not only do they go to great lengths to put moisture back into the skin, but body oils also feel ultra-luxurious when applied to the skin. We recommend applying a nourishing body oil after your shower to replenish moisture. Skin Oil from Africa’s Body Oil range contains a natural composition of African extracts that help the skin remain hydrated and smooth for longer. Each variant has been carefully crafted to cater to a variety of different needs.

This winter, we recommend trying Hydrating Rosehip Oil (R39.95). Rosehip Oil is known for its large amount of antioxidants and essential fatty acids. The oil can be used to hydrate dry or itchy skin as well as reduce the presence of scars and stretch marks.

If you’re a coconut oil fan, try Skin Oil from Africa’s Moisturizing Coconut Oil (R39.95). Coconut oil is known for being anti-inflammatory, intensely moisturising and for its ability to protect the skin’s barrier function. Skin Oil from Africa’s Coconut Oil assists in keeping skin hydrated and healthy.

Both oils are fragrance-free and suitable for sensitive skin.

#4 Lock in moisture with a body cream

The benefits of using a body cream are endless… Did you know that is also has the ability to lock in moisture from products applied before it? For the ultimate moisture boost, we recommend following your body oil application with a little bit of body cream. It’ll lock in all the moisture and nutrients from your oil and help protect your skin’s barrier function.

Skin Oil from Africa’s body cream range contains a natural composition of African extracts combined with Almond Oil and Shea Butter, creating the perfect body cream formula. Perfect for dry skin, the range promises to moisturize, hydrate, purify and boost your skin according to your everyday needs.

Follow your Rosehip Oil application with Skin Oil from Africa Rosehip Oil Body Cream (R59.95). It hydrates skin while providing 48 hours of intense moisture for dry skin.

Follow your Coconut Oil application with Skin Oil from Africa Coconut Oil Body Cream (R59.95). It has an extensive list of benefits, the most predominant being its moisturizing properties.

#5 Up your daily nutrients

Our lifestyles go through major changes in winter, and our diets aren’t exempt. Salads and smoothies suddenly aren’t that appealing anymore, and soups, stews and curries become far more enticing. Certain foods and nutrients may help maintain the skin’s moisture levels: omega-3 oils (found in fish, eggs, and avocado), antioxidants (found in green tea and fresh fruit and veg) as well as vitamins A, B, C D and E may all contribute to healthier, hydrated skin. If you’re worried that you’re not getting enough nutrients from your diet, you may want to consider including a good quality daily supplement in your diet.

Follow these simple steps and enjoy softer, healthier and moisturised skin all season long.

About Skin Oil from Africa

Skin Oil from Africa offers a unique range of skin oil and body creams crafted in Africa. These products are formulated with care featuring a natural composition of key African extracts; Bio-Pharm Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Rosehip and Coconut Oil. The benefits of plant oils in cosmetics are based on both the physical and biochemical effects of the fatty acids which are key elements in the Skin Oil from Africa Range. Each of our variants have the added benefits of Vitamin E, rich in antioxidants helping ones skin maintain a youthful look. The addition of Sweet Almond Oil assists in skin hydration, repair, healing and anti-inflammatory properties of this range.

Skin Oil from Africa products are available from selected Clicks, Pick n Pay and Checkers store.

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